Valentine's Gift Guide

Valentine's Day will be here soon enough. There are many gifts around to buy your loved such as the obvious flowers and chocolates. Maybe this year you could buy that special person something different? Something unique? Something funny? There are many gifts available at Prezzy Box. Here are a few gift ideas for that special man or woman in your life; 

You will both have so much fun with this gift. There are many apps available on your phone for you to watch things such as riding a rollercoaster, in a jungle with dinosaurs and more. If you have children, they will absolutely love it. The headset is compatible with most smartphones, and you will have lots of fun watching movies and 3D movies. 

Personalised Photo Frame Keepsake Box
I absolutely love personalised items. This beautiful keepsake box is perfect for keeping those special little things as memories. What's also special about this box is you can fill it with your favourite photos, whether the photos are of you and your partner or your family, it's a special gift either way. There's space for 40 characters on top and bottom which gives a long enough special message for that special someone this Valentine's Day. You can see it here

Nooki Adult Board Game for Couples
We're all adults here. If you fancy a bit of fun, why not buy this adult board game for couples and have some fun this Valentine's day? With over 90 Nooki cards, neither of you will be board! You can purchase it here

Does your partner like to take photos? This smartphone 3 in 1 lens set would be a perfect gift. Priced at only £12.95 it's perfect with the price too. The 3 lenses included are; Fish eye, Macro and Wide angle. The lenses are compatible with most smartphones and are perfect for selfies and capturing those stunning views or items. 

Personalised Heart Map
This is another personalised item and I think it is perfect for any couple who love photos and memories. You can choose any place that means something to you both. As well as personalising it by adding your names and a date below the map photo. Perfect for any couple. You purchase here

* I was given the Smartphone 3-in-1 lens set and Virtual headset free of charge. As always, all words and opinions are my own. All photos in this post are my own, unless stated otherwise. 

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  1. Every year I panic at Valentine’s Day. My wife’s birthday was yesterday (9th Feb) so I have to find two gifts every year, haha.


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