Freddie's 7 Month Update

I can not believe that Freddie 7 months old and has already passed the half way mark to being a 1 year old - already. How is that even possible. Time has flown by these past 7 months. They've not been easy but I feel extremely lucky to have such an amazing little boy, who has completed our family. The past month has been a strange one. He's been through some good and bad phases. The bad phases have been pretty difficult and stressful but I think the main reason is down to teething.

- Freddie is still rolling around and is having more fun on the floor recently in his play gym, which he loves.
- He is improving with grabbing things such as toys and food.
- He is getting stronger at sitting up and will sit un-supported for longer too.
- He babbles even more and it's so funny to watch and hear.
- He can clap his hands
- He is more aware of the outside world and loves to nosy around on our walks
- He is starting to raise his hands when I put mine out to pick him up.

Freddie is currently in 6-9 months and I am sure he could fit in some 9-12 baby grows and rompers but I'm not going to pull them out - just yet! 6-9 months are comfortable on him at the moment. We haven't seen the health visitor for over a month now, so I have no idea how much he weighs or what his height is. He is in size 4 nappies.

Freddie's face brightens up when he can hear both of his sisters' voices and he always has a huge smile on his face when he sees them. He really does look up to both of girls and he absolutely loves them. The girls are really helpful with him and Mia helped me change his nappy last week, and she was super proud of herself.

Breastfeeding has been pretty sore because he has around 7-8 teeth now. He's bitten me a few times but I must admit breastfeeding is totally different now that he has teeth. He will feed every 3-4 hours (usually 4). He likes to be fed before his naps and settling down for the night. His usual feeding times are; 6am, 10am, 1/2pm, 5.30pm, 8.30pm then on and off until he settles.

Freddie absolutely loves his food and I've started him on some finger foods. He loves toast, melons and rice cakes. In the morning he will have either weetabix or porridge with a yoghurt or fruit. Around lunch time he will have a yoghurt with some finger foods. Around 5pm he will have his tea. He's recently loved having mash potatoes, gravy and fish fingers. He's really enjoyed it.

Last week I thought Freddie had changed his sleeping pattern for the better. 3rd night and I was wrong! He slept from 11pm until 4am which felt amazing until he decided to go straight back to his old bad habits of waking up so often during the night. 1-2 hours to be exact. He is sleeping more in his crib, which is a bonus. As much as I love co-sleeping and having long snuggles with him, I started to get really bad back aches and struggling through the day because I never actually slept when he was in bed with me.

I have been thinking of moving him into his own cot, in his own bedroom once I've sorted it out. But the thought of it really scares me. Firstly I will need to buy baby monitors, just incase. At the moment I feed and settle him at around 8.30pm - 9pm. He will wake up around 2-6 times until 11pm/12am. It can be a pain at times. Knowing he wakes up 1-2 hours during the night, I'm not sure I can cope with getting in and out of bed every so often during the night with him. At the moment he is in the Snuzpod, and it's attached to my side of the bed which is really handy. I will have to do it one day, soon though.

Freddie has 7-8 teeth now and his front teeth are huge. He's got 4 top teeth and 3 or 4 bottom teeth. It's so strange seeing him with teeth when he smiles, especially that he's still so young to have so many teeth. It's adorable though. He has been teething pretty badly recently. There have been a few evenings when I try to settle him where he just screams and doesn't stop. Bonjela works sometimes but during the day he absolutely loves his Matchstick Monkey. I really recommend the Matchstick Monkey if you have a teething baby. It's one of the best teething toys, in my opinion.

+ Clap hands
+ Clapping his hands to 'Clap hands daddy comes'
+ Cuddles
+ Feeding
+ Foods
+ Going out for walks
+ Cuddles from his sisters
+ Attention
+ Jumperoo
+ Rolling and moving around
+ Being tickled
+ Bath time
+ Splashing water
+ Kisses
+ Nappy changing


  1. Aww sounds like your little one did a lot this month, mine is 16 months and still loves attention #KCACOLS

  2. Oh wow - he's just beautiful. I like the way you are recording it all here as I have really think about what happened when with my lot. I'm pretty sure they only had one tooth my 6 months though, my lot were a bit late with their chompers. Lovely photos. Thanks for linking it to #kcacols and hope to see you back next time.

  3. Aww, such a cutie! It's such an exciting age when they start doing more but haven't yet started moving around. Sounds like he is testing you with his sleeping. I can completely understand whilst you are reluctant to move him into his own room. Unless he gets disturbed by ambient noise so a separate room would help him sleep better? Only speaking from experience with my daughter as about 5 months she got noisy which woke us and we would then disturb her. She stopped waking so much when settled in her own room.

    Hope you get some better sleep during month 8 and that he continues to thrive as much as he is doing! #DreamTeam

  4. Aw Beth he is absolutely adorable, and that pic with his two big sisters is gorgeous! Hope that you start to get a bit more sleep soon lovely xx Thanks for sharing with #DreamTeam

  5. Oh his big eyes are so beautiful, look at those lashes! I hope you go back to getting better sleep again soon. Thanks for linking up to #SundayBest x

  6. Great photos! You can totally see that your kiddos are siblings. And Freddie's eye are just gorgeous! It's crazy how fast time goes eh! My littlest, Little Lou, is 5 weeks away from a year and I feel like I blinked and he went from newborn to toddler. #KCACOLS

  7. OMG Beth your kids are super cute! I love the photo of the 3 of them together. Freddie is gorgeous. So nice to have a boy after 2 girls, right? They grow so fast. I think not a long you just told us he was just born! Crazy! Enjoy every minute! Thanks so much for sharing this at #KCACOLS. It is lovely to have you, :-) x


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