How To Edit And Brighten Your Photos with PicMonkey

I get really embarrassed when I look back at my old photos when I first started blogging. They were even worse before I even knew what a blog was. When I was a few months into blogging, I bought a camera which I loved. I have recently bought a more updated camera that is perfect for taking photos and for filming for my channel which you can see here. My photos are still not how I want them to be but they're getting there. I am still learning myself.

I love making my photos bright and colourful. I'm not so keen on dull photos unless they look professional. Since blogging I have discovered a simple programme that is great for brightening photos and getting them to my taste until I'm happy with it. I would like to learn how to use Photoshop, but for now I am happy using PicMonkey.

Here are a few examples;

This is my first example. This was taken on my camera with poor lighting in my bedroom. It was night time and the only light I had was my ceiling light. 

As you see on the left hand side, I have brightened the photo. I have also added some contrast to the photo.

I decided I wanted to change the photo to black and white. I left the edits as shown above. I clicked special effects on the sidebar and went for Super B&W but lowered the contrast and brightness. 


This is the original photo that I took with my old camera.

I increased the Saturation and the temperature to add some colour as I felt the original photo was pretty dull.

To finish the photo, I decided to put the brightness down just a touch and add a bit of contrast to give it that extra touch

Which editing programme do you use?

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  1. Pic Monkey is the best thing ever! I wished I had found it when I was new to blogging. I cringe at my old photos. lol x


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