Tommee Tippee Steamer Blender Review

I started weaning Freddie when he was around 4 months old. Although I didn't want to start until he was six months, I don't regret my decision. It was the right choice for him and us. He's loved trying out different foods and textures. One of my favourite baby brands is Tommee Tippee, and when I was asked if I wanted to review the Tommee Tippee Steamer Blender and other bits from the brand, I couldn't wait to receive them and start using them. The only blender I've owned is a hand blender, so I was interested in trying out and seeing what how this steamer blender would make things easier. 
We've been using the Steamer Blender either every other day or daily. Depending how many meals we prepare. The blender has been used to blend his favourite fruits such as pears, bananas and strawberries. The steamer has been used to steam potatoes, apples, chicken, carrots and more. There is an option to put the blend on straight after the steamer finishes. You also have control over how long the blender is on for. This is perfect for your growing baby. It's perfect for 4 months all the way up to 12+ months. 

- Easy to clean
- Very simple to use
- The machine beeps if there's no water left for steaming
- You control how long it should steam and blend for
- There's an option to go straight to blend after steaming finishes
- The jug used to steam and blend is also a measuring jug 
- It's not too big and can fit in a small-ish space
- Looks modern
- No mess

- The blender is loud
- There is a limit that you can put in, which is quite a small limit and can be a pain if you want to prepare meals for the next few days or to freeze

- Booklet
- Measuring jug and lid
- Instructions
- Spatula
- x2 Storage little pots

The Steamer Blender contains a booklet that gives you tips and advice on weaning at different stages and ages. The booklet also tells you how long you need to steam certain foods such as vegetables, fruit and meat. The average time for steaming is 15 minutes. Whereas the meat can take longer, and you would need to keep checking every 10 minutes and stir, so it cooks thoroughly. 

I would recommend the Tommee Tippee Steamer Blender if you are looking for something quick and easy to cook and prepare your child's meals. It's perfect for all kinds of foods, and you can make those meals to the texture your child prefers. It's a great weaning product. 

* We were given this item free of charge, in return for an honest review. All words, photos and honest opinions are my own. Click here if you are interested in working with us.

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