The Week We Had #1

I've decided to write a post about our week, every Friday. I've always wanted to write a weekly post about the week we've had, but I never got round to it. I've caught up on a few things recently, and so I've decided to start it today. I think these posts will be nice to look back on in future too and encourage me to take as many photos as I can during the week of all three.

This week hasn't been that exciting. We had a pretty lazy and boring weekend, and you can watch what we were up to on a lazy Saturday, on our channel here. I lost my blogging mojo big time this week, and you can read all about my life lately here. This was one big reason I decided to change my whole layout (again). I love the grid theme and I did want to keep it, but there were so many things I was unhappy about it and couldn't be bothered spending hours again trying to set it all up again. I've got so much work to do, and it's on a huge list next to me here in my blogging diary. I'm slowly finishing it.

My partner was working Saturday, and Mia went to her Dad's for the day and night. I had planned to take Elliw and Freddie out for a walk on the local cycle track near our house, but the weather was miserable, wet and cold. We decided to stay home and just have a lazy day. They were both well behaved, and we had a visit from my uncle and cousin. They took Elliw out for a couple of hours and not long after they took her, Freddie went down for his nap it was nice having that little break to myself.

In the evening when my partner came home we had a takeaway as there was nothing in the fridge or freezer that we could make a meal out of, plus it was an excuse for one! It was delicious too. We both watched Bridget Jones Diary, the new film and it was hilarious. If you've not watched it yet, I advise you go and watch it soon. It was nice having a night off from the laptop and social media.

I had a little lie-in in the morning. Freddie had his morning feed around 7am after a rubbish night (no surprise there), and so my partner went downstairs with the kids so I could have a little extra sleep. We got ready and out of the house by 10.30am. Elliw had a party to attend by 1.30pm, and we needed to get some birthday gifts as it was a party for 3 friends!

My partner took Elliw to the party and then to his uncle, and aunty's afterwards while I was at home with Freddie and trying to get some work done so I didn't have much to do during the week - Unfortunately, I didn't manage to do that much work. He decided to be a right pain in the bum that day.

I absolutely hate Mondays, but I was determined to just get this week over and done with because it's the last week before Half Term - hooray! I used this day just to catch up on blog work really. I had a rubbish day eating wise. I was feeling picky and just not feeling myself. After picking the girls up from school, we decided to go for a walk, and it was really windy (50mph + winds). We only went for a small walk before heading back to the sports centre for the girls to have their gymnastic lessons. Elliw has her lesson at 3.45pm until 4.30pm and Mia's lesson is 4.30pm until 5.15pm. My partner came over to watch after he finished work and then took us home too.

My Dad came over Tuesday morning. I really appreciate my Dad coming over in the mornings as it's the only time (other than my partner) I get to talk to an adult! Being home by myself with a baby, every day can be exhausting. We didn't really do much today after school. The girls wanted a picnic tea, and that's what they had. They loved it.

I was really nervous today as I was getting weighed at Slimming World. However, I was prepared for a gain, and I did gain 1.5lbs. I was extremely happy about that because I was expecting double (and more) that.

I absolutely love Thursdays. I do one school run in the morning then the girls are in after school club until 6pm. My partner picks them up after work. I managed to do a lot of work related things, and I think that was the day I kind of got my blogging mojo back - hooray! My Dad came over again

The last day of the school run for over a week, hooray! I have been looking forward to this day for a long time. I hate morning school runs, and although we do have a morning routine, I just hate the rush and getting out of bed so early so we can arrive at school by 9am. I had a text yesterday to say they also have Teacher's Training the following Monday, which is a bonus. I hate Mondays.

One of my friends came over this morning with her little boy, my nephew, Osian, and it was really nice to see them both. She comes down mostly every week and I really appreciate it. I desperetly need to start driving lessons, I'd visit her her weekly I'm sure when I start driving. My nephew loved getting all of Freddie's toys out of his box and laying them all on the floor for Freddie to see. We both managed to get a photo of Osian and Freddie (which is hard!), but they were both so happy.

My partner arrived home from work late. Mia had already gone to her Dad's around 6pm, and my partner didn't come home until past 6.30pm. He was going to go for a food shop himself, but I decided to go with him last minute. After the food shop, we went to visit my Dad and my brother. My nephew was staying with my brother (his Dad) for two nights, so it was nice seeing him again. We arrived home pretty late, and my plans with staying up late to work went out the window!

What kind of week have you all had?


  1. I love reading about peoples weeks, I'm so nosey! Love Elliws grey dungarees, they're beaut xx

  2. Ah I love the new Bridget Jones movie! It's so funny! Sounds like you a lovely week #LovelyLittleThings

  3. Sounds like a hectic and fun family week! Love a weekly blog roundup x pam lorimer #lovelylittlethings

  4. I do like weekly roundups because when it feels like you haven't done much, looking back it's surprising what you actually have done!! #marvmondays

  5. Love wekedns at home with the family #Lovelylittlethings

  6. Love family time! #lovelylittlethings

  7. such a sweet little family #lovelylittlethings


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