5 Family Breaks in Wales

Something that my partner and I love doing is travelling around and taking the kids to different places. One of my goals is for my kids to have memories of us taking them to different locations, in the UK and abroad. We've only been abroad with them once but we are planning to go more often when Freddie is a little older. We've had a few family breaks in Wales and we've always enjoyed ourselves. 
1. Bluestones, Wales
Bluestone has to be one of my favourite places to visit. We have been twice in less than six months and we've really enjoyed it. The girls absolutely love it there and they are forever talking about the place. The huge resort is in Pembrokeshire in South Wales. It's around a 3.5 hours drive from us and it's totally worth the journey. You can read my review here

2. Haven
There are many Haven resorts in Wales. The only resort we have been to is in Hafan-Y-Mor, Pwllheli. The girls loved it there. We stayed in a caravan which was a new experience for the girls. There's night time entertainment which the kids thoroughly enjoyed. You can read my post about our holiday here

3. Cardiff
We went to visit Cardiff down in South Wales a couple of months before Freddie was born. We wanted a family break before welcoming our baby boy into the world. It was an amazing place, especially Cardiff Bay. We were lucky that the sun was shining. There were many things for a family to do and again, the girls loved it. Read our post on our stay, here

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4. Tenby
Tenby has to be one of my favourite places, ever. It's absolutely stunning and the beaches are gorgeous. It's really popular during high-season. The colourful houses, the stunning beaches and views are just amazing. It's worth a visit and perfect for a family break. Read our post here

5. Aberystwyth
I have always loved Aberystwyth - Mid Wales. When I was a child, we used to visit Llanelli, South Wales most weekends and Aberystwyth was always the place we stopped for a break, half way. We have taken the girls there two or three times and they've always enjoyed themselves. There are plenty of shops, but also a love walk along the sea front and a fantastic play park and walk through the castle. Read our post here

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  1. Wow so many great places to visit, Wales is a lovely place for family breaks :)


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