Me and Mine April

I've really enjoyed April mainly because of the days out as a family we have had. It was something we really needed and we've also made the exciting decision that we're going to be staying in Thailand over Christmas and possibly New Year too, we can't wait. Back to our month in April, we've had a few family days out which has been lovely. We've walked a lot in the past month mainly because the weather has been nice and it's fresh air for us all. I find when we stay in the house, we're just on top of eachother, the kids get bored, they argue then my partner and I end up arguing because we're just stressed with the kids. When we're out the kids can run free, have fun, show out their personalities and we just all have a good time together.

I've had the camera out a few times in the past month but only managed to capture one photo of us all together, which I'm pretty gutted about but it's the only photo that all of us are looking at the same time. It can be so hard to get a decent photo where all three kids are looking, especially Freddie at his age now as he's absolutely everywhere, climbing and crawling. Here are just a few of my favourite snaps from April and you can check out this post for more photos of our days out.

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  1. It is so hard to get a picture of everyone! I had a hard time remembering this month and I only managed to capture one too. Oh well! :) Thailand sounds exciting! #meandmine

  2. I find it so hard to capture us all together and everyone looking the right way, smiling and in focus wherever we are hahah I can so relate. These are fab and the candid selfies quickly become my favorite snaps too. #meandmineproject


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