Lucy Locket Luxury Cake Stand Set Review

Most of the toys that the girls and Freddie have are wooden toys. I find they last much longer and worth the extra few pounds. When we were asked if the girls would be interested in trying our Lucy Locket's Luxury Cake Stand Set, I knew the girls would absolutely love it and so I said yes. We received it pretty quickly and from the moment I opened it I was really pleased with how it looked and the quality. The girls were super excited when they saw the stand and couldn't wait to play with it. They decided to play cafe and have played a pretend picnic and all sorts. It's durable wood so it's perfectly safe for kids.

There are 11 numbered cakes that all have unique shapes that fit into their own space. Each cake has a different number from 1-11 and the numbers are also written in their correct space on the stand too. So as well as the kids playing, they are also learning their numbers, shapes and shape sorting. It's a perfect toy and gift for kids who are either starting to learn their numbers or shape sorting and even for the kids who know them all but love playing fun imaginable tea parties.

Lucy Locket have a great range of toys for kids. From fancy dress, toys to stationery and more. With lots of pink, glitter and fairies, every child will love them. There are many great gifts for birthdays and special occasions, for reasonable prices.

* We were given this product free of charge in return for an honest review. As always, all words, images, and opinions are entirely my own.


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