Proud Mum On Sports Day and Watching Them Grow

It's been a long while since I wrote a post about 'Watching Them Grow.' I started writing about the girls and the last time I wrote a post about watching them grow was last year before Freddie was born. The year has flown by, and I couldn't imagine life without our baby boy. He's definitely taken into our crazy little family. On the last post, I was really sad seeing both girls grow so quickly and now, I'm sad that all three are growing too fast and that it's quickly coming up to Freddie's first birthday. I feel lucky that I'm able to work from home and watch all three grow and be a part of everything that they do such as parents evening, new milestones, sports day and the rest. Although it's exhausting most of the time, I do feel lucky that I'm not missing out on things. 
Mia will be 8 years old this December, and it's scary to think in two years time she will celebrating double figures - 10! I'm not even in my thirty's yet! She is the reason my whole life changed at sixteen years old. All I've known since then was motherhood, and all I've done is to try and be the best Mam to her. It was a challenge being a single Mam at such a young age, but I was incredibly lucky to find a wonderful partner who took us both on. One thing I was really worried for was no one would want me because they might not expect that I have a child. I would never be with someone who wouldn't accept that. My partner took her on as his own, and since then we have two beautiful children together, that made Mia a big sister. 

Mia is difficult in ways such as her answering back and attitudes. It has got worse each year, but it does take her a little while to get into that certain mood where she can lash out. You'd think she was a teenager with the way she speaks. She's also one of the most loving and caring little girls. She helps so much with Freddie and is like a second Mam to him. He really does look up to her, and I love their unique bond. The bond between her and Elliw is different but still special. They are sisters who fight, a lot, but also love each other to pieces. I have to say that Mia is the laziest child out of all three. She hates walking and will huff and puff if I ask her to get something that will take her literally two seconds. Sometimes she doesn't mind though. But, she's also a girl who absolutely loves her sports and gymnastics. She will do her cartwheels and handstands indoors and outdoors, everywhere and anywhere. I have to tell her off so many times to watch Freddie as she keeps doing handstands against the sofas and brings herself back down with her legs in the air. She's such a funny little thing. 

Elliw is hard work with her constant moaning and crying. I don't think I've ever seen a child that cries as much as her (there are probably loads, though!). Ever since she was the baby, she was like that so I can't see her changing anytime soon. She is definitely the hardest child out all three. She's also the most loving, caring and cuddly little girl at times. When I look at her, I still see her as my little baby. She's the youngest little girl and certainly acts like it too. But in the past week, I have seen many changes in her that she is growing up. The way she does certain things and the way she talks. To think this time last year she was in a speech therapy school to help her speech and language, she has come by amazingly well. Her words are brilliant, and she's fantastic speaking English and Welsh. 

Freddie is just a funny little baby. He's loved so much by the girls it's amazing. Their bond is unbreakable. He's at the age where he's in the middle of the last stages of a baby and beginning the early stages of a toddler. I wasn't looking forward to this stage, just because I don't want my little baby to grow up, my first little boy. Boy's surely are different to girls. He's been the hardest baby sleeping wise. He's changed me so much as a Mam, but that's a whole different post. 

On the 21st of June, the girls had their schools sports day. They were so excited, and I had to explain to them both, especially Mia that winning isn't everything. Although she has taken part in Sports Day for the past 3 or 4 years, it was this year she felt most competitive and worried that she wasn't going to come first. She understood but was still very competitive, but I could see on her face that she was enjoying it too. Both girls did amazingly well. I was absolutely gutted for Elliw as she tripped up at the beginning of the running race but she got up and carried on. She even caught up and wasn't last. Usually, Elliw would get into a panic and end up crying, but she didn't. She shocked me, and that's why I was super proud of her that afternoon. They both came home with first, second and third place. Mia was in the top three for 4 races, and Elliw had 2. They were so pleased, and I was super pleased for them too.

Watching them grow this past year has been amazing. Just every single day is a blessing but of course, most days are difficult. Most days I can't wait for bedtime to come, I can't wait for a little break to just feel like 'me' again. But at the end of the day, I have three happy (sometimes), healthy and funny children that make our family complete. 

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  1. A lovely way to document them growing and it sounds like you have a really good abalance x

  2. It sounds like you have three little characters on your hands! You take such beautiful photos and the sports day sounds like it went well x


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