Top Ten Celebrities That Inspire Women's Fashion

As I grew up, I was living with my Dad and never really had that woman figure to help me out with fashion styles. Going into teenage years, I started buying magazines and I always used to look at the celebrity fashion and see what the 'on trend' at the time was. Being a Mum since I turned 17, I never really had that chance to buy all the clothes I wanted. I live in jeggings, leggings and tunic tops or long sleeved tops. Some celebrities really inspire me, with their fashion sense, style and the way they look. I love Beyonce's fashion and her hair. I've always looked up to her with her singing, career and her style.

The fashion has changed a lot through the years. Although we do see some of the 'old styles' coming back into fashion but dressed out in different ways. Bonmarche have done a survey and polled women aged 45 and over to see who their style icon was. In first place was Helen Mirren with 19.2% and second was one of my favourites, Jennifer Anniston with 16.3%  of votes. These were the top ten with the percentage of votes:

·         Helen Mirren             (19.2%)
·         Jennifer Anniston     (16.3%)
·         Meryl Streep             (14.5%)
·         Joanna Lumley         (13.5%)
·         Nicole Kidman          (10.3%)
·         Elle MacPherson      (10%)
·         Julie Walters             (8.1%)
·         Jane McDonald        (5.9%)
·         Salma Hayek            (5.4%)
·         Ruth Langsford        (4.8%)

I find once we feel good on how we dress and look, our confidence grows. I've never been great with confidence, but when I feel good with what I'm wearing, I definitely feel a little more confident. As I've grown older, my fashion interests have changed and the celebrities I look up to with fashion, I've also changed too. As Bonmarche did this survey, it is evident that from the research they had done that women who reach the age group of 55-64 years their style icons have changed. An Online Marketing Manager from Bonmarche said - "as women grow older their tastes and influences change, but one thing remains constant: a desire to look great." 

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