Bedroom Makeover Plans and Brightening It Up

We've been living in our home for over three years now, and I'm still not happy with how our bedroom looks. I hadn't redecorated our bedroom at all, only when we moved in. The previous owner's carpets are still down and looking quite horrible now. The fitted wardrobes are also still an awful blue color from the previous owners. I think as a parent, we just concentrate more on getting the kid's rooms done and never have time to focus on our own room. Although, our bedroom should be a place we can relax in. But at the moment, I never feel relaxed as it's not how I really want it.

At the moment, the feature wall has a black and gold wallpaper which we bought at £1 a roll, bargain. But I don't like it anymore, it's not my style. I think we only bought the wallpaper because it was so cheap and we'd already paid a lot on paint to pain the whole house before we moved in. I love white and grey, bright rooms. I find them really relaxing and make the rooms look much bigger. Oak Furniture has a lot of lovely white bedroom furniture that would be perfect for my dream bedroom makeover. Here are a few of my tips for brightening your bedroom:

White and light colours
If you're looking to wallpapering or painting the walls, go for the light colours such as white, light grey or pastel colours. This will definitely brighten up any room.

Choose the right furniture
Choosing the right furniture really does help. Go for light coloured furniture such as soft oak or painted white.

Choose the right flooring
You still want your room to feel relaxed and for me, wood flooring doesn't make a room feel relaxing. Having a light or warm coloured carpets such as beige or grey would be perfect to brighten up your room.

Get storage - less clutter
Having less clutter around the floors and corners of your room does help - a lot! Buy some storage boxes to keep the clutter out of site.

What colour is your bedroom?

* This is a collaborative post.


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