Siblings in June

I knew being a Mum of three would be more of a challenge than a Mum of two, especially that there is a four year gap between Elliw and Freddie. It felt like I was starting Motherhood all over again, as in having to do night time wake ups, pushing a pram, changing nappies and all the rest. Although I was super excited, I was really nervous too. This time last year I wrote my 'Siblings' post about two sisters, for the last time as I knew in July, Freddie was going to join our little family. It makes me sad that Freddie will be a one year old next month, but I'm also excited too. This year has flown by, and I can't imagine life without our little boy now.

This past month has gone by really quick. Freddie has learned so many new things, and he's starting to be his little person. He's at that age now where he's in between a baby and a toddler. I wrote his 11 month update the other day, and I was so sad writing it as it made me realise how many things he can do and how much he has grown. He's so hilarious with his big sisters. He loves to jump on them, follow them everywhere and mess up their toys when they're playing. But something that really makes me 'aw' is how he has a huge smile on his face when he hears the girls' voices and when he sees their face. It's amazing how close they all are.

As Freddie is absolutely everywhere now, all day long, he gets really frustrated when the girls try to hold him. Elliw is the worst as she literally stops him crawling. Whereas Mia will pick him up, so he doesn't mind that as much, until he gets bored. Elliw can be heavy handed, so I need to watch her more than Mia. I do love their bond and watching it grow each day.

This past month has been quite a challenge. It's been full of clinginess, tantrums, attitude, and crying. Freddie has been extremely clingy, not wanting me to leave the room and following me wherever I go. Mia has had quite a few days where her horrible attitude has come out, and it is hard to handle. It doesn't get easier as they get older, they have the words to answer you back! Elliw has had her tantrums, but that's just normal for her. It's funny how they're all siblings but so different in their ways.

I managed to capture some lovely photos of them when we visited Bodnant Gardens with the National Trust. If you've never been and planning on visiting North Wales any time soon, I advise you to go! It's absolutely beautiful.

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  1. Ahh these are so cute. They grow up way too fast. It's lovely to capture them together along the way like this and look back on them in years to come. I have done this project now for three almost four years it's great going back through the sibling post from when my two were this little too cute. #siblingsproject


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