Freddie's Sleeping Update and Why We Decided To Mix Feed

It's been a while since I wrote the last sleeping update and since then Freddie did have his first full night sleep at around 8 months old. I can happily say he has had another 2 or 3 full night sleep after that. The sleep has been a big issue for me since he was a few months old and I noticed that he was just a baby that didn't like to sleep or a baby who would just sleep if I was there holding him. It was getting too much for me in the end, especially when it was coming to around six or seven months. That's when things started to change - a lot. I began to feel really down, mostly with exhaustion. He seemed to be getting worse and worse each week. He came to a habit of waking up within 10-20 minutes of me putting him down after his feed. The frustrating the thing was, it took around 45 minutes to an hour (sometimes more) to feed and settle him each evening. Then for him to wake up and only settle back again if I picked him up and feed him. Again, another hour or so on top. It was getting too much for me. To top it off that he was waking up every 1, 2 or 3 hours through the night too.

I started to hate breastfeeding. I started to hate bedtime. 

Bedtime is a time most parents look forward to at the end of a long day. But I didn't. I was dreading it. I had thought I should start mix feeding, but although I was getting so frustrated with breastfeeding, it didn't feel right for him to have his feed from a bottle. Until he just over 10 months old, I decided it was time. I just knew it was the right time for my partner to step in and help during the evenings. The first evening wasn't too bad. It took Freddie a bit of time to get used to the bottle and different taste of milk but considering it was a whole new taste and texture, he did pretty well. I remember sitting at my desk downstairs while my partner was settling him upstairs, I felt strange. It was really weird that I wasn't up there settling him. Although it was a nice break, I did feel a little guilty. 

A few days into mix feeding Freddie, we noticed that most nights he will only wake up the once, sometimes twice. I feel like I can relax in the evenings now because he doesn't wake up within 10-20 minutes of settling him down. That was the main reason I felt so down. I felt as if I wasn't even getting five minutes to myself. That may sound selfish, and I did feel guilty for thinking it, but I didn't want to feel down. I wanted to be that 'happy' Mum that all three of my kids wanted and needed, but I couldn't. I was exhausted. It's strange how different each child has been for us. Freddie has been the worst sleeper by far out of all three. 

For nearly a month, Freddie has been drinking formula every evening before bed. Some evenings he takes a while to get used to the bottle, but he does eventually drink it. At first, we started him on a Minbie bottle but noticed he wasn't too keen in the end. I then tried his beaker he has in the day, and he took that fine. He drinks different amount of ounces each evening. It can be anything from 1-6oz. I think it depends on what he had for tea and super. 

There have been a couple of evenings where has woken up about an hour after being settled or the minute I put him down, but I don't pick him up straight away anymore. He settles back to sleep within 10 minutes, and I honestly think the sleep training we did a few weeks ago has helped massively with that. He goes to bed at around 7 and 8 pm. Depending on when he had his last nap in the afternoon. Most nights he has only woken up the once around 1/2am. He will then sleep back again, until 6/7am. There have been some nights he will wake up twice. When he wakes up during the night, I breastfeed him. I find it easier than making bottles. There has been one night where my partner gave him formula as I was out with friends. He settled well with my partner, so it gives me peace of mind now that he is able to settle with a bottle during the night too. Although he doesn't drink too much during the night.

Since his sleep has improved I have gone back to enjoying breastfeeding again. As well as knowing that my partner can now help by feeding him and taking him to bed has massively helped too. I had thought about stopping breastfeeding altogether when he turned one. But seeing as he is good taking formula during the evenings, I don't mind the one or two feeds during the night or more on the odd occasion. He will have one feed during the day. 

Happy Mum, happy baby! 

Let's just hope I haven't jinxed myself by publishing this post now. Oops.

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  1. For both boys, we introduced a bottle of expressed milk in the evenings from around 1 month. I knew there would be a couple of times coming up, when I would have to leave them with their dad for a feed, and I wanted to be make them used to the bottle in advance of that. Then from around 4 months on I mix fed both of them - they got a bottle of formula as a dream feed, last thing at night, and then slept through till the morning. Happy babies and happy mummy all round. Best decision ever for us, but I know it's a very personal decision for everyone.


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