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Last year in June, I remember feeling super excited for our little getaway from the girls, before Freddie was born. We had our induction date, and so we knew when he was to arrive, little did we know he decided to make his own appearance two days earlier. I had booked to go to Liverpool for the night as I knew that we wouldn't be able to have just 'us' time for a good while after I gave birth to Freddie. Mainly because I already felt attached and I was breastfeeding - which was a whole new experience for me as I had bottle fed my two girls. Months went by, and I felt really attached to Freddie. I didn't want to leave him, I even struggled to stay at home without him while my partner took him out for a little walk.

As more months went by, I started to feel a bit better about him leaving me. I was getting more comfortable with my partner taking him out, but it took me even longer if other people took him out. I started to get a love and hate thoughts about breastfeeding (that I will talk about again, soon). Things were getting harder at home. My partner and I just weren't getting 'our time.' In fact, the only time we had time to ourselves was in the evenings, and most of the time I was up feeding and trying to settle Freddie. Time went on and around 10 months on I decided to introduce formula as his feed each evening. We have slowly got our evenings back, but it's still a hit and miss. Even in the evenings, it felt like we weren't getting 'our time' because either we were both absolutely shattered, I was working, or my partner was working late. So it never felt like we were relaxing and getting that little break every parent deserves now and then.

Yesterday, Freddie went to stay over in his Nain's house for the first time, ever. He has never slept over in anyone's house before and has never spent a night away from me before either. I would be lying if I wasn't overthinking things and even had thoughts about cancelling the whole plan. I'm glad I let it happen, though as it means my partner and I was able to get that time together, child-free. I wasn't too worried about him settling to bed but the night calls were my biggest worries. I was worried he wasn't able to settle back to sleep or if he would be up every hour or two hours through the night. There was no need to worry as he slept from 9pm until 2am, slept then until 5.45am and slept again until 7.15pm, which is brilliant for him. I feel much ease to be able to do it again, whenever that will be.

Elliw was staying at her Nain's with Freddie, while Mia was at her Dad's. That means we had neither child with us, which felt so strange but nice at the same time. Although we were both so nervous about Freddie staying overnight without us, for the first time, we still enjoyed ourselves. It was a much needed break for us. A break where we remembered that we were a lot more than just parents. Remembering why we decided to start a life together and the decision to make a family. Remembering that we can still have good time just the two of us.

After dropping the kids off, we just went in the car and ventured out to Penmon in Anglesey. It was an unplanned journey, but we really enjoyed ourselves. The scenery was just amazing, and it was a place I hadn't visited since I was a child. A lot of my childhood memories came running back. The evening was full of chats and laughter. It was a bit chilly, but such a lovely evening. After spending an hour or so at Penmon, we decided to head off out for food. We ended up at a Thai Restaurant, and it was delicious, as always. It felt strange going out for a meal without having to order extras for the kids, having to tell the kids off to behave while waiting for food and so on. It was just nice being able to talk with no interruptions and worries of one of the kids throwing a tantrum.

Afterwards, we went to see my Dad as my partner wanted to borrow a DVD from him. We stayed there a for a bit before heading out to Tesco (how cool are we?) for pudding and a couple of pieces. We went home, left the pudding because we were both so full and absolutely shattered. We just went straight to bed to sleep. I think that was the main thing we were both looking for too - was sleep. I'd be lying if I had the most comfortable and nicest sleep in over a year - it was actually really uncomfortable. I was aching, everywhere and I woke up at the times I'm normally up with Freddie at 2am and 5am. But, I did sleep in until 9am which was nice. It was lovely not being dragged out of bed and just taking my time. Having a hot shower in peace and being able to have a hot panad with my breakfast without it getting cold.

It was such a lovely evening, night and morning. I am really looking forward to doing it again since I feel more comfortable with leaving Freddie overnight now. It felt like our very first date, all over again which was lovely. It definitely brought back some memories of the early days. It was an evening we both needed to relax and just be 'us.' But something I would never change is our little family. Parenting is stressful and hard at times but so rewarding at the same time. I was really excited having all three back at home, where they all belong.

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  1. Leaving them behind for he first time always seems to be the hardest but it makes up better parents and them strong people too I believe.

  2. Well done. I struggled like you as well. I'm my own worst enemy as I crave the time off but then don't take it when it's offered! #HappyDaysLinky


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