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When I pick the girls up from school at 3pm, the first thing they ask me when we arrive home is if they can have something to eat. I always struggle to think of something light for them to have as a snack so they won't be too full before their tea that they'll have around 5-5.30pm. When we were sent some of the new No Added Sugar Yazoo Milkshakes, I thought they would be perfect to give the girls as a small snack before tea. These are a brand new edition to the YAZOO range. Yazoo promise that there is absolutely no added sugar in their new range and one 200ml bottle has the same amount of sugar as a glass of semi skimmed milk.

The girls love milkshakes and so they were super excited when I had some different flavours for them. I put them in the fridge first to chill before drinking. The flavours available are Strawberry, Toffee, and Banana. The girls and I really enjoyed them, and although I did find a slight taste difference to the original ones, they still taste delicious. I will be buying more of these as they are perfect for a tasty drink to fill their tummies until tea time.

We were also given some delicious popcorn which I felt guilt-free eating as they were under 130 calories - which is perfect. They were super tasty too. We had a little film night but it's always hard to have a film night with both girls as Elliw seems to find it difficult to sit still through a film. In the end, it ended up just my partner and I watch the film, and the girls ended up playing cafe. We were also given a voucher to visit the cinema. As our closest ODEON cinema is in Liverpool, we have planned to take the girls away one night in September or October to watch a film of their choice. We're super excited, and I will be sharing our weekend on the blog and social media.

YAZOO No Added Sugar are in stores now!

* We were given a Fun Family Pack in return for an honest review post. All words, opinions, and images are my own.

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  1. Yum! Yum! My girls love Yazoo. It is such a lovely treat for them x


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