Siblings in July

I've been feeling mixed emotions heading towards this month, July. I just can't believe how quickly the year has gone by. I do believe that each day goes quicker the more kids you have. Having a third baby was a plan for the future but not when it actually happened. However, saying that, I do believe that Freddie came at the right time for us and I couldn't imagine life without three kids now. It's been hard but it's also been absolutely amazing. More about that near the end of the month.

The girls have such a strong and special bond with Freddie and he absolutely adores them. Once he started to notice their voice and faces he would be full of smiles when he either saw them or heard them talking or singing. It makes me so happy and proud that they all get along so well together. I remember the day when I told them that they were going to be big sisters. It was a couple of hours after my first pregnancy scan at 10 weeks. Mia was not happy, at all but Elliw was so excited - although she had no clue what was happening. They both drew some photos of me with a 'big belly' which was super cute and I'm so glad I got a photo of them. Something that will be treasured.

As the months went by, Mia was starting to get used to the idea of becoming a big sister again. I would catch her just staring at my bump every so often and near the end of my pregnancy, they both started asking me "how long until the baby is here?". 9 months is a long time for them to wait. It was hard being pregnant and looking after two older kids, especially that there isn't one day where they won't argue - girls!

The second Freddie was born he fitted into our family perfectly. Elliw was over the moon when she first met him. Mia was a bit nervous and again, took her a good few weeks to get used to him. She wouldn't hold him but would look at him. I could tell she wanted to hold him but she was really nervous. After a few weeks she held him for the first time and that's when their special bond grew stronger and stronger. She's like his second Mam. It's so amazing how much she helps. She's helped changing his clothes, nappy, help me bath him and everything else. Even feeding him his pudding. She's amazing. I can see her being very protective over him.

Elliw was so excited to be a big sister. It was such a huge step for her as she was always treated as our little baby. She was and still is our baby girl of the house. I still see her very immature in her certain ways but fulltime school has most defintely changed her in some ways too. I can remember Mia being a lot more grown up at around 5. I think it's one of the reasons I still molly-coddle Elliw. She's still my littlest girl. She can help alot with Freddie too. She is a fierce little girl, though. She can be too much in his face at times and heavy handed which annoys him - a lot! But, he absolutely loves her dancing around and being silly. Exactly the same as Mia, their bond is strong and so special.

This past year has been amazing. Having three kids is super hard but watching them grow each day and watching their bond grow stronger each day, makes it all worth it.

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