Not very often does Elliw get attached to a toy. The only thing she has been attached to is her blanket that she's had since she was newborn. Still, now she snuggles her blanket in bed at night as she goes to sleep. But toys and teddies have never been a thing for her, unlike Mia who gets very attached to certain toys, dolls, and teddies. When we received the Luna Petuna doll to review, Elliw fell in love with her the minute she saw her. She was so excited to get her out of the box and to start playing with her. The first thing she did was give her a big cuddle.

Ever since Luna Petuna arrived, Elliw has taken her everywhere. In the car, a walk down the road and trips to her Nain's house and more. Luna Petuna is a doll you won't miss with her bright glittery soft blue hair, big eyes, and a bright eye catching outfit. I think one of the things Elliw fell in love with was her hair. She is 35cm which is great for kids. Her hair is long enough for your child to style her hair and she even has sounds and phrases from her show. Perfect for an imaginative play she really has helped Elliw with her imagination play.

As said in a previous post, Elliw has never been that great with playing by herself and using her own imagination on her own. She always feels like she needs to be near her Dad or me which makes me feel quite sad. But since having Luna, she honestly has come out of her shell and gets so excited when we go out on adventures. She always makes sure she grabs Luna from the house when we go on a car journey and even plays with her at home too.

This is the perfect doll for any little girl or boy. She really has helped Elliw's confidence in playing on her own and using her own imagination.

Are your little ones fans of Luna Petuna?

* This item was given to us free of charge. However, all words, opinions, and images are our own.

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