Family is really important to me, and I always try my best to make sure my kids see most of their family quite often, whether it's me take them, my partner or both of us taking them to see family members. Ever since I was a little girl, a family has meant a lot of to me. I think I keep my main family even closer to me because I've never had that strong relationship bond with my Mother and I don't really know a lot of her family and haven't seen most of her family either. As the weekends are our family time together, with my partner being off work we try our best to fit everything in the two days. We try to take the kids out to make some memories and try to visit some family in between too. As well as having the odd lazy Sunday here and there.

When I met my partner back in 2011 never did, I think we would be our own little family. As you just never know where a relationship is going to go at the beginning, but something did feel right, and here we are, over six years later, we have a home, two beautiful children together and have made some amazing memories together. He's also a fantastic step-dad to Mia. We started seeing his family a few months into our relationship. I think our relationship went pretty quickly because I fell pregnant quite soon with Elliw, our first child together. We moved in together six months into our relationship, and we moved to a house located in the village my partner lived. My family lives 30 minutes away, where as his family live in the same village. We are all close with his Mam, Dad, Aunty, and Uncle.

Elliw has such a lovely and extra strong bond with her Great, Great Aunty and Uncle. She talks about them most days, and most weekends she asks when are we going to visit them. It's lovely to see them together, as my partner was really close with them both when he was young too, and still is. Every time we visit Elliw will ask for Jammy Dodgers, and Mia will ask for some 'Nice' biscuits. They will both ask for a drink of lemonade with orange, blackcurrant, and water (I know, strange.) They will all play board games, dominoes and hide the teddies.

When Wentworth Puzzles asked me if I wanted a puzzle to do with an older relative, the first person I thought of was my partners Aunty. She loves jigsaw puzzles, and I thought it'd be perfect for Elliw to help her out. We went to visit them one day with the puzzle, and they both went ahead to do the 50-piece wooden jigsaw. Elliw was surprisingly good and was brilliant at putting the pieces together. The best thing I love about Wentworth puzzles are the unique shape jigsaws. Each jigsaw puzzle has different shapes of animals or objects related to the puzzle. It was lovely watching them both doing the puzzle together. The bond between them both is so strong and special.

Do your little ones like to do puzzles with relatives?

* We were gifted this puzzle in return for an honest post. All words and opinions are entirely my own.

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