Tiny Treasures Baby Girl and Baby Boy Review

When I was a little girl, I always wanted a sister that I could play toys with. Although I still played some toys with my little brother, it was never the same. I loved having my friend coming over to play as we both had the same interest. I did have a sister late on, but I was older. So when I found out we were having a girl when I was pregnant the second time, one of the first things I thought was, it will be so lovely for Mia to have a little sister to play with and their age gap was perfect. I'm not going to lie, it can be an absolute nightmare having two girls close in age. Constant arguing and bickering. However, when they play together nicely, it's just the sweetest thing ever. Watching and listening to their imaginations is amazing.

A couple of weeks back we received two Tiny Treasure dolls and dolls changing station wardrobe by Chad Valley to review. One thing I love about blogging is when the girls can get involved in helping me review products. When the dolls arrived, it was just Mia here as Elliw was on a little holiday with her godmother. The first thing Mia (and myself) liked was the packaging. Normally dolls are packaged in just an ordinary box where you have to cut ties and such. These adorable dolls were packaged in a carseat shaped box with clips to hold them in just like they are sitting in a carseat. No fuss to bring them out, which is perfect for kids as they can be so impatient waiting.

Tiny Treasure dolls are scented to smell like a newborn baby, and the weight of the doll is to feel like a newborn baby too - which it does. I was surprised with the weight, and it did feel like I was holding a real life baby. The girls received one boy and one girl, as well as their own wooden wardrobe with a changing station space on top. We haven't built it yet but will update this post once we have, the wood, however, seems really good condition and the girls are super excited to see it up.

The dolls come with a birth tag and birth certificate. Mia named them 'Teeny' and 'Treasure.' Both girls have had hours of fun with these dolls. They are £39.99 each at Argos and I personally (and honestly) think it is a reasonable price for the doll. They are fantastic quality and really do feel and look like a real newborn baby. The Tiny Treasures range was launched in July 2017 in Argos, and the brand new 2017 collection is out now. The new collection has an entirely new set of babies, outfits and a range of accessories.

We received:
Chad Valley Tiny Treasures Bear Cosy Outfit in Blue and in Pink.
Chad Valley Tiny Treasures Newborn Doll with Blue Outfit
Chad Valley Tiny Treasures Newborn Doll with Pink Outfit
Chad Valley Tiny Treasures Baby Doll Carrier
Chad Valley Tiny Treasures Wardrobe with Baby Change Mat

Overall, we are all really happy with these products. They are all at a reasonable price for the quality and said above, the girls have had hours of fun. Even Freddie has taken an interest, which is the cutest thing ever to watch. The new collection is fab, and I know the girls are going to have so much more hours of fun.

* We were sent these items in return for an honest review. All words, opinions and images are entirely our own.

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