The first thing people notice when they walk into your home is your hallway. It should be one of the most welcoming spaces of the house. At the moment our hallway is cluttered with things waiting to go into their place as we're giving the house a makeover. However, I already have plans on how to make the hallway welcoming, and that's to de-clutter it all, get some storage and a few other touches to make it not so crowded and to make it a calming space for visitors and us.

If you're like us, then all of the shoes are kept near the front door, in the hallway. It's not a pretty sight, but due to lack of storage, it's the only way we can keep our shoes at the moment until we purchase a functional storage unit. Quercus Living have a gorgeous range of storage units that are perfect for hallways and to give that warm, welcoming feeling to yourself and all visitors. Here are a few other of my top tips for making your hallway welcoming:

 Photos: Having family photos on the way or on top of the storage unit is a lovely way to make any hallway welcoming and have that family loving feeling to any home.

Oak Wood Furniture: I find Oak furniture gives any part of the home a warm feeling. A perfect touch to the hallway and I find Oak Wood pretty much goes with any theme too which is ideal if you like to re-decorate every few years. 

•  Plants: I'm not great with keeping plants alive, but artificial plants are a great touch for any home and most definitely brings that welcoming feeling to any hallway. 

•   Paint: Giving the hallway a fresh paint every now and then will make it warmer and welcoming. Go with warm shades, not too light but not too dark either. 

•  Door mat/Runner/Rug: If you have a plain carpet or wooden flooring, having a runner, rug or door mat will most definitely help that welcoming feeling to your home. But also make sure that it is practical as well as nice because at the end of the day dirty shoes are going to be walking on top of it.

•  Storage units: As said above storage units are great for hiding shoes, but if you already have a space to hide shoes, storage or console tables are still a great touch to your hallway. The perfect place to store your keys, pens or anything else that's handy to grab on your way out. 

•  Light and mirrors: If your hallway is small, a mirror is a perfect item to make that space look bigger. It also helps with lighting, as you don't want it to be a dark space. It's always good to brighten it up and get as much light in as you can. 

•  Accessories: Accessories such as vases, lamps, little trinkets are perfect touches to finish off the hallway. Don't go too overboard as you don't want it to look all cluttered with there being so many accessories all over the place. Hanging baskets or storage shelves could be a good idea to spread them around. 

What is your favourite range from Quercus Living? My favourite is the Appleton Painted range because it's my kind of style and gives that calming feeling in a family home and it's just perfect for that welcoming feeling to your home. 

What do you do to keep your hallways welcoming?

* This is a collaborative post. However, all words and opinions are entierly our own *

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  1. I love that lampshade! I really need to invest in some more plants, but I struggle to keep them alive too! xx


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