We had a 4-night stay at Bluestone, Wales not long ago and it was amazing. It's the third time we have been, and just like the other two times, it was another holiday to remember. The memories we have made, yet again and just priceless. Something my partner and I talked about during our stay was, would we stay there if we had no kids? I thought it was quite interesting to discuss and we actually spoke about it for a few days while we were there. As the past three times that we have been, the first time in December 2016, the second time in March and third time December 2017, we have been there with all three kids. Our conversation did make me think, is Bluestone the right holiday for couples? Families? Or both?

Activities - Each season there's a bunch of new activities. Most of these activities are aimed more towards families with children. There are a couple that could be suitable for couples such as The Light Show during the festive season and the historical walks in the mornings. However, nearly all other activities are aimed towards families.

Things to do - Putting the activities aside, there are other things to do such as having a walk around the resort and going down to Camp Smokey when it's open on warmer days. There are other walks you can do just outside the resort, and if you fancy travelling a bit further, you could visit the beautiful Tenby which is definitely a place that won't disappoint you.

Blue Lagoon - It looks huge from the outside, and although it's a decent size inside, it feels aimed more towards families. There are three pools, the main pool that also leads outside with the lazy pool, another pool for the little children and another for older children.

Places to eat - There are three restaurants in the village and in one of the restaurants, there's a pub which you could go for a couple of drinks during the night if you wanted. If you're a parent and have kids sleeping, you could hire a babysitter if you fancied going out for a couple of hours.

Couple or Families?
I would personally say Bluestone is aimed more towards families with children aged 0-16. Although I'm sure, older children would enjoy it too. If you're looking for a little break for peace and quiet, this is also the place to be. So it could be a perfect holiday for couples too. But in my opinion, it's perfect for those with children.

Have you been to Bluestone with no kids before? I'd love to know what you though.

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