I can't believe I am writing this post again. This year just seemed to have flown by, and even though I've said that each year I've written one of these posts, this year seems to have flown even faster than the other years. Last year's post was so special as last year we welcomed our third and last baby, our first baby boy, Freddie, into the world. I've got happy tears looking through the post and that's what I absolutely love about blogging is that I can look back and read everything. I've got most of my life written down, some private and many public. It's something I absolutely adore doing and love looking back on. I know for sure that I would forget most of the things that we have done and places we have been if I didn't have my blog - and that's why I'm so grateful for it.

Something else I started this year was my own YouTube channel and I've really enjoyed it. I love sit down video as they're a little bit easier, but I also love vlogging our days too. I have a few goals I want to achieve for my channel for next year and I hope I can achieve them. It's so lovely too look back on.

Without further to do, this was our year;

It's crazy to think that in January 2016 I was in my early weeks of pregnancy with Freddie. But in 2017, he was six months old. I also made my first ever video for my channel, which is very embarrassing to watch but we all have to start somewhere, right? I didn't vlog after this for a while. I started back in July for a couple of days, to stop then until September/October time and have been doing it regularly since then.

We had a few little adventures during February, such as having a couple of walks down on our local cycle track, a cold winter walk in Llanfairfechan and the best memory of this month was celebrating Freddie's Christening day on the 5th of February. I decided to do it on that date as it fell in pretty nicely with my Great Nain's birthday. She sadly passed away back in 2012 and it just seemed right and a nice thing to do to celebrate something happy on her birthday.

March was another exciting month for us. Our littlest girl turned the big five years old and we celebrated her birthday in Bluestone, for a 4-night stay which we really enjoyed. During our stay in Bluestone, we visited Tenby too which we all really loved.

We had a few fun and memorable family adventures through April. Which honestly, I would have forgotten about if I didn't have my blog. It was so lovely looking at all the photos and reading the post when I was looking at it for writing this post. Freddie also had his first full night sleep in 8 and a half months.

Freddie turned 10 months old this month. We also had a few adventures of walks down at our nearby beach, which is a stunning place to visit when the sun is out.

During July we visited Bodnant Gardens as part of a review for the National Trust. It was absolutely stunning and we went with some friends and their kids. It was such a beautiful day and we all fully enjoyed ourselves.

I still can't believe it to this day that my littlest baby, my last baby, is one years old. We celebrated his birthday in Haven, Hafan-Y-Mor, Pwllheli. It was a brilliant long weekend, something we all needed. Family members were also allowed some day passes which they used on the day of Freddie's birthday. It was lovely having both sides of the family together. We even went strawberry picking at the beginning of the month.

August was full of adventures and full of memories. I also turned 25 years old but as a parent, birthdays don't really mean much to me anymore. We had a wonderful weekend in Aberystwyth after having a full day in Oakwood Theme Park. Not only that, we also visited Broughton shopping centre for a fun event they were holding over the half term holidays. We also visited Liverpool, my favourite city and we all really enjoyed ourselves. As well as breastfeeding for over a year.

September was a nerve-wracking month for me. It's the month I went to my first ever blogging conference, BlogOnUK. It was amazing and I really enjoyed myself, all the sessions, as well as meeting bloggers. Also, we had a few other adventures such as; visiting Gyspy Wood in Bontnewydd and fun adventures with the KIA Sportswagon Optima that we were given to review. Another reason this month made me nervous, was we decided to start Freddie in a nursery.

This month was a sad month for me. Freddie decided to stop breastfeeding, he weaned himself off at 15 months old. It makes me so sad t othink it's been this long already without feeding him. Breastfeeding was huge part of my life for 15 months and I've loved every single minute of it.

I had been looking forward to this month for months! My partner and I had a kid-free night stay in Liverpool to do the Christmas shopping and for us to have time to ourselves. It was absolutely lovely and something we really needed.

December was another really exciting month for us all. Our biggest, eldest daughter turned 8 years old. She is growing up so quickly. We also spent her birthday in Bluestone, which was yet again, amazing. We had a 4 night stay again and we fully enjoyed ourselves. Of course, we also celebrated Christmas Day which was absolutely lovely.

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