There's always something we need to do to keep on top of our homes, and although it can be costly to maintain your home, it's always best to keep on top of everything before anything gets worse. The winter season is the season that can do a lot of damage to a home. That's from the rain, snow and the drop in temperatures. You're more prone to damp and other damages. It can be important to act fast if anything does occur. Here are a few of my tips on maintaining your home this winter:

Condensation is very common in old and new buildings. It's important to make sure you work straight at it before it gets any worse. It can lead to bigger problems such as a lot of damp. Something you don't need to deal with during the winter season - or any season. A few tips on how to prevent damp happening in your home are:
- Ventilate bathrooms and kitchens - open your doors and windows if you can.
- Try and avoid drying wet clothes on radiators.
- Try and leave windows open slightly during the day, to get some fresh air.

Using aluminium primer is a good sealer on wood. Whether it's for the indoors or outdoors. A lot of damage on wood can happen during the winter days. Maintaining it can prevent these damages.

Make sure you check your outside drains and gutters before and during the winter season. Clear out any leaves or sticks that have gotten into the gutters to avoid any blockage. Also, it's important to maintain your pipes indoors too. Water can freeze during cold temperatures, and so if you insulating your pipes, it can help prevent that from happening.

The weather changes and the temperature drops too. Making sure your windows are in good condition and ideally double glazed, so no cold air comes into your home is important too.

Getting someone in to check your boiler can be important, especially before the winter season. It could save you some money in the long run too if you keep on top boiler checks. The last thing you want is your boiler packing up on you when it's absolutely freezing outdoors.

What do you do to maintain your home during winter?

* This is a collaborative post.

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  1. It's awesome. Thanks for sharing these amazing tips on maintaining a home in winters.


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