Giving your kitchen a refreshing makeover in the new year is always a great way to bring a new look to your home, whilst making it work perfectly for you. Over the months a lot can change, especially when you have children in the house, as they’re constantly growing and learning which can mean that the old highchairs need replacing with proper seats, more child-friendly safety may need putting in place and so on. There are then the seasonal changes that you may want to make in order to keep your kitchen on-trend and stylish, and these useful tips have been gathered to help inspire you with some refreshing ideas for your kitchen.

Introduce an Open Living Space
Having enough space within the kitchen for you to cook and socialise with your family is a huge bonus, especially when mealtimes are often the only time that the whole family is together at one time. There are different ways to open up the kitchen area, from an open dining space, to an area dedicated to living, with a television and cosy sofa to snuggle up on. Take the layout of your kitchen into consideration and try to work out which way would be best to open up the space, you want to have plenty of room with a clear division between the two areas in order for it to flow properly. Open living spaces within the kitchen are becoming more and more popular, as the kitchen is thought to be the most used room within the home, so it makes sense to have it serving multiple purposes for your family.

The Right Materials
Up until now, you may have had a beautifully painted kitchen in a stunning cream colour, which has been a huge nightmare to keep clean. Whilst having beautiful cream painted units is very aesthetically pleasing, it’s not the best option when you have little ones running around. Sticky fingers and food explosions are not the best when it comes to cream paint, so you should look at investing your money into a new kitchen layout designed in the right material. When you have children in the house, the best materials to work with (in the kitchen) are hi-gloss, acrylic and marble. These materials are easily cleaned, look beautiful and require less maintenance. You’ll also find that your kitchen lasts a lot longer due to the higher quality, durable materials. Finding a well-priced, discount kitchen is actually really easy to do, especially if you’re looking online. Be sure to do plenty of research before you make any concrete decisions, as you want to be positive you’ve made the right decision!

Multi-Purpose Spaces
There’s never enough room in the house when you have lots of people in your family, especially when someone wants to watch the football, the other wants to practice violin and someone else wants to do their homework. Having multipurpose spaces is essential, especially in the kitchen area. The most popular areas within the kitchen for having more than one purpose are the kitchen island, which can be nicely switched into a breakfast bar for those rushed mornings. You then have the kitchen table, which can work for mealtimes, as well as a homework spot, a place to read or even a place to socialise. If you have plenty of use for these areas, you’ll find things run much smoother within your household, as people have more space to do the things they need to do without being on top of one and other.

Plenty of Notice
Balancing out all of the important things you need to remember for your family can be difficult but trying to get the rest of the family to remember them can be even more challenging. Knowing that there is always one time in the day where your whole family will be together in one space, you need to take advantage and introduce a notice board. Whether it’s a stylish blackboard with motivational messages, a pin board for important letters and cards or simply just a calendar to keep everyone up to date with important occasions, this can really help to make your kitchen a family-friendly space, whilst keeping everyone in your family up to date with everything that’s happening!

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