As parents, one of our main aims is to protect our little ones. That's from making sure they are safe, healthy and happy. We look after them, clean them, feed them and play with them. Also, something else we do each day is, tidy and clean up after them. We all know how dirty babies, toddlers and children get. As your baby grows, they start to move, whether it's crawling or even bum shuffling. This is the time we need to make sure the floors are super clean for them. One thing you could do is to ask people to take their shoes off before coming into your home. All kinds of germs are on your floors and even baby's toys too.

To help prevent the spread of bugs you need to make sure that you clean your baby's toys on a weekly basis. Shockingly, bugs such as flu can live on hard surfaces for up to 24 hours. It's best to make sure you clean your baby's toys often, hot water and soap or even put them in the dishwasher as its steam drying function will help to eliminate nasties. 

Talking about asking people to take their shoes off before they enter your home, I personally think it's so important. Although it can feel awkward if asking a visitor to take their shoes off before entering a room. But by doing this, you are preventing germs entering your home floors. If you have a crawling baby, a walking toddler and even young/older children, they all like playing on the floor. It can prevent them being exposed to faecal bacteria as we never know what we stand on outside. It could be so harmful to your little ones.

But even by leaving shoes at the door, it's still important to give your carpets a deep clean four times a year. Dust and dirt can still be hidden deep within your carpets. If you have hard floors like myself, the BISSELL Vac & Steam is a great way to clean hard flooring. We have hard wooden flooring, and we've been using the Vac & Steam to clean and steam our floor. I love the fact that it uses a 100% chemical free steam to kill 99.99% of germs and bacteria. 

Another great feature of the BISSELL Vac & Steam is that it's a 2-in-1. You don't have to buy a separate vacuum or steamer, as it does both. By the simple touch of a button, you can choose which you want it to do. The filter is also really easy to clip in and out, then it's easy to empty the dirt from your filter. 

The Vac & Steam comes with an easy release mop pad tray and 2 washable pads. As well as simple instructions and easy touch digital controls. It's been great for our floors and has been out quite often. I love the fact that you can use the vac and steam at the same too. It saves time, which means I get more time with my three little ones. 

* We received this product free of charge in return for an honest review.
However, all words, images and opinions are my own. 

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