#BuildYourSquad with the Disney collection

I am secretly Disney obsessed. Anything adorable related to Disney, I absolutely love. My all-time favourite film has to be Beauty and The Beast with Snow White closeby. They are the films I remember watching all the time throughout my childhood; still, now, I will happily sit and watch those movies over and over again. There is something magical and lovely about every single Disney film.

We were recently given some adorable plush toys from Posh Paws. They are the Disney Collection Plush and being very honest with you, I squeaked when I opened the box. I was in complete aw with them all. We were sent 6 of the most adorable plush toys, ever. We received the wave 1 collection and they are just cutest things ever.

There are 3 waves, 1 and 2 are out now and wave 3 will be out from July onwards. I can't wait to see what they bring out, and I'm sure Disney collectors are just as excited. They are high-quality 6-inch plush Disney characters that are just adorable (how many times have I said that now?) They are super soft and just the perfect and cutest plushes you will ever lay your eyes on. I'm secretly keeping them for myself, but of course, I let the kids see them for a few photos before I kept them away again ready for a special shelf in my room very soon.

I received six adorable plushes, in the collection I got were: Minnie Mouse, Dumbo, Tiger, Winnie The Pooh, and Marie. My absolute favourite one out of them has to be Dumbo. I adore elephants, and the Dumbo plush is just the cutest. I am in love with the large adorable ears, with glittery foil inside. All plush have wide glittery eyes which really stand out and are just so pretty.

These adorable must-have Disney Collection Plush are available for £6.99 in retailers: Tesco, Morrisons, Independents in store. They are not online, yet!

Who's your favourite?

* We were given these items free of charge in return for an honest review.
However, all words, images, and opinions are 100% our own.

Hauck Speed Plus Pushchair Review - From Kiddies Kingdom

We were sent the Hauck Speed Plus Pushchair from Kiddies Kingdom a few weeks back and have been trying it out for a good few weeks now. Kiddies Kingdom is an online baby store that sells everything that your baby needs, from prams to safety gates to highchairs and much more. They also sell them at a reasonable price which is a huge bonus for all parents. They sell many brands make products such as Mountain Buggy, Nani, Hauck and more.

We chose to review the Hauck Speed Plus Pushchair as it looked really practical and the perfect size to get out and about. It comes complete with the cup holder, raincover and bumper bar. I fell in love with the white frame, back seat and then the black hood and rest of the seat. The bumper bar was also a huge bonus, I really like them on prams. It was easy to pull off and on by clipping them on each side of the frame.

The seat is adjustable and really easy to pull up and down in different positions. The seat is also cushioned, which gives baby extra comfort. As for pushing, the wheels are smooth, and you can put the wheels to swivel, and they are also lockable. I tend to have them on swivel. It's a light pram to push, but I did notice that pram squeaked. I need to look more into the wheels to see if something needs adjusting.

I've taken the Freddie for walks in the pram on the school run most days, and for a walk in muddy grass. It pushes really well which again, is a huge bonus. It's not a wide pram, which is great for shopping or going out and about places where it's busy. The basket is a decent size which is perfect for putting bags or any other things you want to carry. There are also two rubber handlebars which make it easy to push and extra handy to carry things on there too, such as your changing bag or carrier bags of shopping.

There's a 5-point harness which keeps your baby safe in the pram, and the bumper bar makes it extra safe. The brakes are easy to put on and off by just pushing your food on them. It's a pram suitable from birth to 15kg. It also folds up really easily and is not too big when folded either.

You can buy this pushchair for a very affordable and reasonable price at just £54.99, including free delivery.

- Really stylish and modern
- The frame is sturdy and great quality
- The bumper bar is detachable
- 5 point harness 
- Comfortable padded seat
- It's suitable from birth
- Pocket at the back of the pram 
- Swivel and lockable wheels
- Break is easy to push
- Smooth to push
- Padded handles
- Basket is a decent size
- Cup holder is included
- Raincover is included
- Umbrella Fold
- Light and sturdy
- Reasonable price

- Squeaks, but as I said above, I need to look more into the wheels as they may need clicking in more. 

Kiddies Kingdom have a fantastic collection of pushchairs and strollers for sale, so make sure to check them out! 

* We were gifted this pushchair from Kiddies Kingdom.
However, all words, images and opinions are 100% honest and our own.

Skip Hop Greenwich Simply Chic Backpack Review

We were recently sent the Greenwich Simply Chic backpack from Skip Hop, and we've been trying it out for a couple of weeks now. When it first arrived, I was overly pleased with the quality and the size. As we go out as a family every weekend, when my partner is off work, we tend to take a few bits with us. I normally take one bag for Freddie, a bag for myself and then the girls will take a bag each, if they fancy taking a few toys or pens and paper with them. But, since having this backpack, we've just been taking the one, and it's been less hassle and much easier for us.

The first thing that caught my eye was how stylish the backpack is. I received it in the colour Olive, and I am just in love with it. I love the tassel accessory at the end of zip and especially all the pockets. There are nine pockets in total, and the middle pocket opens wide when you pull both zips down. It's great for getting things out easily. Something you need when you have little ones around. It's made from a durable, wipe-clean vegan leather and is just stunning.

In the back pocket, there is a cushioned changing pad, which is really handy to have out and about. The bag can hang nicely on a pram with the stroller straps that are on each side of the backpack. We have one handlebar on our pram, and it fits well. There is a top handle for carrying also, as well as adjustable straps to carry on your back which is super handy if you don't have a pram with you or if you just want to use it as a backpack.

The bag is large, you're more than likely not able to fill it as it is big. I love having a big bag around with me when I'm going out somewhere all day or going away for the weekend somewhere. Something that is really handy with this backpack is that I am able to use it for myself too as it looks stylish and not your usual baby changing bag.

Sizing: The back pocket, the changing pad pocket, holds a tablet and laptops up to 15" in size.
13l x 9.25w x 18.25h; (cm): 33l x 23.5w x 46h

* We were gifted this item in return for an honest review post.
All words and images are our own.

Cookhouse & Pub in Rhyl { Review }

We were recently invited to visit a new restaurant in Rhyl. Cookhouse & Pub opened in February 2018 and is located on the seafront of Rhyl. Popular during the summer times and throughout the year with its amusement and fairs. It’s a place I often went when I was little, with my Dad and brother. It’s a place I’ve had many memories and somewhere I’ve taken my kids a few times too. So I was excited to visit there again, make a day out of it and try out the new restaurant.

Cookhouse & Pub have 6 restaurants in the country and, it’s a very modern looking restaurant – which I loved. From the signs outside, to all the d├ęcor and detail inside, it was lovely. Our meal was booked at 1pm on a Sunday. We were greeted with a big warm welcome and the lady took us to our table. We were seated near the windows, which we liked because we could have a nosy outside as people were passing. I liked how the restaurant had large windows all around, it made the place look fresh and more open.

The restaurant was pretty busy and I noticed a few tables were reserved. Considering it was a Sunday and an hour-ish after lunch time, I was pleased and excited to try out their meals. The lady who served us came up to us not long after we were seated and got comfortable. She took our drink orders and we carried on looking at the menu.

There was a great variety of foods on the menu. They were different to other similar restaurants, which I liked. It was great to have a good choice. However, I did notice that there were only 3 choices for the starter, so we decided not to go for a starter and opted for a 2 course meal instead – The Main and a Pudding.

The kid's menu had a few activities on it and also came with a pack of crayons. Which was great because it kept Freddie and Elliw distracted for a bit. Elliw and I finished some wordsearch as we were waiting for the food. It wasn’t a long wait, roughly about 15 minutes which I think an average waiting time at a restaurant.

I had ordered a Sunday Roast with the cauliflower cheese tart. The Sunday Roasts come with the Yorkshire pudding, veg, root mash and gravy. However, I was given the meal that you can order any day of the week. I did ask to see if they gave me the wrong order, as I was expecting a full Sunday Roast, but apparently, it was the correct order. They had offered to change, but I said no as I felt a little awkward and didn’t want to wait again in case it arrived after the kids finished their foods.

Saying that the food was delicious. But the only downfall of it, it was cold. The plates were cold too, so that didn’t help. I think if the plates were heated it would have helped the food not to get so cold. My partner chose the Ultimate Burger and upgraded his chips to sweet potato fries, which were delicious. But again, he said his food was quite cold.

The kids had sausage and chips, one with corn and the other with peas. The kids menu had a great choice, and you were also able to swap sides and choose your veg from peas, beans or corn. They were also portioned well too.

Something we did realise was we had to look around to grab a waitress’ attention to come and clear our plates up, and when they did, they took our order for pudding too. I went for the cookie dough with ice cream and sauce, my partner went for the cheesecake, and the kids went for a pancake with fruit and Elliw had the Funny Faces. Again, we didn’t have to wait long for food to come out.

The cookie dough was a little disappointing as it was just two cookies that had melted. However, I may just be fussy as I did compare to other previous cookie dough puddings I’ve had in the past. My partner did have a delicious cheesecake which was super tasty. The kids also enjoyed their puddings too.

Overall, we did enjoy our meals but would have enjoyed them more if they were warmer/heated up more. We didn’t like that we had to look around for staff, as no one came up to us to ask if everything was ok etc., which normally happens in a restaurant. However, the staff were friendly, and it was a busy day. I would advise the plates to be heated to keep the food warm/hot. Saying that, I would go there again, but it wouldn’t be a place that would on the top of my list.

If you do ever visit Rhyl and do fancy somewhere modern and nice to go for food, this is a nice place to go. There aren’t many other nice restaurants in Rhyl, especially if you have a big family or a group of friends. There are enough spaces to cater for a large group of people. 

* Thank you Cookhouse & Pub for inviting us to have a complimentary meal. 
All words and images are my own. 

The end of Life as Mum?

For a good few months now I have been sitting down in the evenings or when Freddie is napping during the day, starting at my laptop with my blog on the screen, asking the same question each time. "Will I ever stop blogging?" It is something I think about a lot because if I'm being totally honest, I can't see my life with no blog. I can't see my life without having a 'blogging mind'. Whether it's making sure I take the right photos, editing photos during the evenings or when I get time, e-mails on a daily basis from brands/PRs, constantly looking at my stats and most of all, my lovely blogging friends.

To many people, blogging is a complete 'joke'. Somealot of people don't fully understand what this blogging world is about. Many think it's attention seeking, others think it's pointless and others, well, they follow and read blogs. The readers that help grow our blogs and I'm forever grateful for every single person who has read a blog post or followed me on any social media in the past nearly five years.

This blog, my little space on the internet, started to just jot down some memories that I had with the girls and my partner. It's crazy to think that I started this blog before my little boy, Freddie was even born. I am so pleased that I have written a weekly pregnancy update through my third pregnancy. I wrote everything down, from how I felt, the scans and my weekly hospital appointments. Even now, I will look back and read the posts. It makes me so happy that I have those there to read over, something I don't have from my first and second pregnancies.

My blog has brought me so many opportunities. Something I thought would never happen. When I first started blogging, I knew you could review products and such but being able to work with brands, brands that I absolutely adore such as Cosatto, Asda George, AO.com, Johnsons and so much more, it just makes me feel proud of myself at how far I have come. I don't see myself as a 'big blogger' or a 'successful blogger' as there are so many other huge amazing bloggers around. But I am proud of myself that I am a self-employed blogger. Brands find me, and they want to work with me - that does make me happy and makes me feel that I'm doing something right.

If it weren't for my blog, my partner and I wouldn't have so many memories with the kids like we have. Having the great opportunity to visit Bluestone a few times, going out for meals, visiting a few National Trust properties and much more. The memories are all written down on this blog or filmed on my channel, and I'm so glad I've managed to capture so many photos and also write about them too.

Taking photos is my favourite thing to do. I am the person who always has a camera nearby. Everywhere we go, I always grab the chance to take as many photos as I can. On an average day out, I'll capture over 100 images, near 200 or more to be exact. It's my blog that has helped me learn more about photography and editing. It's pushed me to concentrate more on taking photos, and now I have those photos to look back on in years to come, which makes me super happy.

Saying all that above, I don't think I'd be here, blogging, today if it wasn't for some amazing blogging friends. I have met some in person at a blogging conference, and I am just so grateful for all the help and support I've had from some amazing friends that I've made through blogging. They are Tanita from JustMotherhoodHelen from Treasure Every MomentEmma from Sophie Ella and MeLeanne from A Slice of my life WalesAbi from Lilypad and Bow and a few more. They're always so kind with their words, all beautiful inside and out, as well as being super supportive.

Blogging can be a very lonely world at times. Especially when you start comparing yourself to others, and that's when you can start to feel a little lost. You start to judge yourself in your writing, photos and just your whole blog in general. Many of times I have felt like that recently. I feel like my photos and content, especially my social media, just isn't good, and nobody reads or visits. It's made me cry a few times, I wonder why I work so many hours on my blog, writing my own content, social media work and writing for brands.

Somedays I just want to switch it all off and just forget about it all.

Somedays I just want to go 'out' to work instead of working from home.

But then I wouldn't have all the memories, I wouldn't have the wonderful messages I receive from some readers, I wouldn't have met some of the most wonderful friends, I wouldn't have the support from some amazing bloggers and I wouldn't be in a world where I can just 'feel myself'. Blogging has always been my little getaway from Motherhood. Which is quite funny as I mostly write about Motherhood. But things have changed a lot recently. I am writing more towards things that I like, things that I want to write about such as clothes interests, my photos and some family related content.

I've also stepped out of my comfort zone and decided to upload three times a week on my YouTube channel, and that's been one of the best decisions I have made. I'm even being recognised by some brands which amaze me because my channel is still small. I am receiving so much support with my new journey, and I am SO excited to see where it takes me.

But to answer the title of this post... Life as Mum is not coming to an end. It's just a start of something new, and I'm super excited.

You can follow my channel here

A little note: I just wrote this post as things came to my head. I understand it's a bit mixed up, but it's how I felt at the time and needed to get it out!