Cookhouse & Pub in Rhyl { Review }

We were recently invited to visit a new restaurant in Rhyl. Cookhouse & Pub opened in February 2018 and is located on the seafront of Rhyl. Popular during the summer times and throughout the year with its amusement and fairs. It’s a place I often went when I was little, with my Dad and brother. It’s a place I’ve had many memories and somewhere I’ve taken my kids a few times too. So I was excited to visit there again, make a day out of it and try out the new restaurant.

Cookhouse & Pub have 6 restaurants in the country and, it’s a very modern looking restaurant – which I loved. From the signs outside, to all the d├ęcor and detail inside, it was lovely. Our meal was booked at 1pm on a Sunday. We were greeted with a big warm welcome and the lady took us to our table. We were seated near the windows, which we liked because we could have a nosy outside as people were passing. I liked how the restaurant had large windows all around, it made the place look fresh and more open.

The restaurant was pretty busy and I noticed a few tables were reserved. Considering it was a Sunday and an hour-ish after lunch time, I was pleased and excited to try out their meals. The lady who served us came up to us not long after we were seated and got comfortable. She took our drink orders and we carried on looking at the menu.

There was a great variety of foods on the menu. They were different to other similar restaurants, which I liked. It was great to have a good choice. However, I did notice that there were only 3 choices for the starter, so we decided not to go for a starter and opted for a 2 course meal instead – The Main and a Pudding.

The kid's menu had a few activities on it and also came with a pack of crayons. Which was great because it kept Freddie and Elliw distracted for a bit. Elliw and I finished some wordsearch as we were waiting for the food. It wasn’t a long wait, roughly about 15 minutes which I think an average waiting time at a restaurant.

I had ordered a Sunday Roast with the cauliflower cheese tart. The Sunday Roasts come with the Yorkshire pudding, veg, root mash and gravy. However, I was given the meal that you can order any day of the week. I did ask to see if they gave me the wrong order, as I was expecting a full Sunday Roast, but apparently, it was the correct order. They had offered to change, but I said no as I felt a little awkward and didn’t want to wait again in case it arrived after the kids finished their foods.

Saying that the food was delicious. But the only downfall of it, it was cold. The plates were cold too, so that didn’t help. I think if the plates were heated it would have helped the food not to get so cold. My partner chose the Ultimate Burger and upgraded his chips to sweet potato fries, which were delicious. But again, he said his food was quite cold.

The kids had sausage and chips, one with corn and the other with peas. The kids menu had a great choice, and you were also able to swap sides and choose your veg from peas, beans or corn. They were also portioned well too.

Something we did realise was we had to look around to grab a waitress’ attention to come and clear our plates up, and when they did, they took our order for pudding too. I went for the cookie dough with ice cream and sauce, my partner went for the cheesecake, and the kids went for a pancake with fruit and Elliw had the Funny Faces. Again, we didn’t have to wait long for food to come out.

The cookie dough was a little disappointing as it was just two cookies that had melted. However, I may just be fussy as I did compare to other previous cookie dough puddings I’ve had in the past. My partner did have a delicious cheesecake which was super tasty. The kids also enjoyed their puddings too.

Overall, we did enjoy our meals but would have enjoyed them more if they were warmer/heated up more. We didn’t like that we had to look around for staff, as no one came up to us to ask if everything was ok etc., which normally happens in a restaurant. However, the staff were friendly, and it was a busy day. I would advise the plates to be heated to keep the food warm/hot. Saying that, I would go there again, but it wouldn’t be a place that would on the top of my list.

If you do ever visit Rhyl and do fancy somewhere modern and nice to go for food, this is a nice place to go. There aren’t many other nice restaurants in Rhyl, especially if you have a big family or a group of friends. There are enough spaces to cater for a large group of people. 

* Thank you Cookhouse & Pub for inviting us to have a complimentary meal. 
All words and images are my own. 

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  1. We attended an event here this past Sunday & had an awesome experience from beginning to end. They served great food and the salad I had for dinner was delicious. The service at event halls for rent also was impeccable.


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