Snow, Parties and Life

Life has been pretty hectic the past month or so. Everything seems to feel like it's either going really good or it's going really downhill, nothing in between. Main reason being is I'm finding difficult to balance work and family life. Working from home has always been quite busy for me, but recently it just seems like everything is going against me and I've even thought about packing it all up and just go back to be a 'stay at home Mum'. Saying that I don't think I could stop writing as it's one of my passions. My blog is a huge part of my life, not just because it's my job but because it's something I absolutely love doing, even if I do fall in and out of love with it now and then.

For the past 2-3 weeks my work days, Thursdays, when Freddie is in nursery, and the girls are in after-school club, something has gone wrong. Something has stopped me from having a full day of work - something I've really needed but couldn't be helped recently because either my partner was in New Zealand a couple of weeks ago or he was working. That's the downfall of working from home, you are always the one who has to stop working if something goes wrong. But yet again, I do feel lucky that I am able to look after my kids as well as working from my own home.

I am hoping from this Thursday onwards, I won't have any interruptions, and I can have my full day of work. We had some very unexpected snow the other week, just a week after the expected snow which caused delays in a lot of things that particular week. I was so happy that my partner was home with us this time and we all went for a walk through the village for the kids to go sledging. I love snow on the first day, and it was so thick, fluffy looking and beautiful. It melted by the afternoon as the temperature was so warm. But we had tonnes of fun together.

Something else that happened recently, Elliw turned six years old. I still can't believe she is six. It's crazy how fast time flies by, isn't it? She has never had a birthday party as either we did something small as a family or we went away to Bluestone. This year we promised her a party, and she absolutely loved it. I was panicking so much that it wasn't going to be good enough for her, but the smile on her face just made all the stress and worry worth it. I had booked a bouncy castle and a Moana. The excitement on her face when Moana walked in was amazing, she loved every second of it. I couldn't have asked for a better party for her. There was just something so magical the moment Moana walked in singing the popular song, I had to hold my tears. It was the same for Mia's party when Elsa from Frozen came to visit her. I think it was a little bit to do with how proud I am to be a Mam to three amazing little people.

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day.

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