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My partner and I are already talking about our next family holiday abroad. I can't wait to start travelling a bit more with all three kids and to show them around the world. I think many people have a huge interest in travelling, whether it's their own country or abroad. It definitely is one of ours, and one of our places that we'd love to visit in Spain. There's something about the country that really interests me, and I'd love to experience the place one day. If you are ever interested in going to visit Spain one day, I've gathered up a few tips on planning your holiday to Spain;

You will first need to plan on where in Spain you would like to visit. There are many popular places that many tourists visit such as Barcelona, Madrid, Tenerife and more. There are so many places to choose from; it is recommended to research places first before making a decision.

Depending on how well you like good weather, it is recommended for you to work out the best time to travel to Spain. Spring and fall are told to be the best time to visit Spain as that is when the good weather occurs. The summer is pretty hot, and so, April, May, June, September and October are the recommended months to visit Spain if you want warm weather.

Talking about the time of year, you may need to plan on whether you plan to go during school holidays or during term time (if you have children). July and August are very popular months and are told to be very crowded in resorts. If you are looking for a relaxing, not over-crowded holiday, I would recommend booking a quieter month than July or August.

Where to stay
You need somewhere to stay, and Spanish villas are great places to stay. There are many villas to stay in such as Barcelona, Costa Brava and many more places. It's always great to have somewhere relaxing to stay when you're going for a relaxing holiday.

Take it all in
Spain is said to be a large country, and it is recommended that you spend at least 2-3 nights in one city before travelling around Spain. There's a fair distance between each city, and each city is quite large. To remember the place better, it's recommended to stay in the city longer.

What to pack
It is advised to back summer clothing and to be sure to pack your sun cream too. If you are going during the winter season, pack a few winter bits too such as your umbrella.

Top 5 Family Destinations in Spain
1. Barcelona
2. Madrid
3. Seville
4. Granada
5. Valencia

After doing a bit of research, I have found a few other places that have been recommended for family holiday destinations with great family fun things to do nearby. Here is what I found:

Torremolinos, Costa del Sol
This beautiful town has a 7km coastline seafront promenade with many stunning beaches. If you're a family or people who love beaches, this is the place to be. It's a family favourite recently, and there are many other attractions nearby by such as Aqualand, Paloma Park and much more. 

Santa Eulalia, Ibiza,
Shockingly, this place has been recommended for top family favourite destination. It's been told it's a stunning town and beautiful beaches too. There are kid safe beaches and long walks to be had along the promenades. 

Costa Caleta, Fuerteventura
This place is told to be very laid back and perfect for families. There are play areas on the beaches and activities held there too. Not just for kids, there's 10 pin bowling and lots of other group activities to do too. 

I asked a couple of parents who have visited Spain to see where they would recommend people going to visit and here's what they said:

Emma-Louise from Even Angels Fall said: "We stayed in Benalmadena and it was lovely, very family friendly with lots of entertainment for children and adults alike. They had 3 pools including a kids one and an outdoor play area the in resort. We went to the Tivoli World Park whilst there, which is like a tame theme park, and the kids loved it (the photo with the pirate is taken from there)"

Vikki Evans from Family Travel With Ellie said: "We have spent a lot of time in Spain. We really love southern Spain, around Almeria. The beaches are wonderful and sandy. The climate is warm. The scenery is beautiful and it’s not too touristy! We particularly love an area called Vera. We have also enjoyed some fabulous time in Barcelona where we enjoyed visiting Gaudis cathedral and the magic fountains at Montjuic."

Eileen from 2 Nerds and a Baby said: "Ronda, it's incredible, the views, the food, specifically De Locos Tapas, it's just breathtaking."

Hannah from Budding Smiles said: "These are Barcelona - somewhere I loved as a teen, and then taking my own children (and my mum!) in 2016."

My dream places to visit are Costa De Sol, Madrid, Tenerife and Barcelona. There's just something about Spain that is so beautiful, and life seems to be slower and much more relaxed than here in the UK. Beautiful sceneries and the warm weather is just something I love. 

Have you visited Spain before? Where did you go?

* This is a collaborative post

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