Oh, my littlest girl. My baby girl. You're six years old today.

I remember the day that I found out I was pregnant with you. Your big sister, Mia, was only around 18 months old. I was a bag of nerves, but my best friend was there by my side. Your Daddy also proved to me that not all men are the same. He stuck by me, he's the best Dad ever to you all and is also my best friend. I can't say it was easy having you, as I'd be lying, but I'm sure when you're older we will all have a good laugh with all the things you did when you were younger and in the next few years too.

You're such a beautiful little girl with hair that I am jealous of. I absolutely love how long and straight your hair is - something I always wanted when I was just a little older than you. You're constantly on the go, and at times it gets on my nerves (haha), but you honestly do brighten up our days when it feels glum. If we didn't have you, our lives would be pretty boring right now. You're the one who has the most energy and it always on the go, either moving about or talking too much.

You're not really the one for cuddles, unless it's some cuddles on the sofa watching TV or when you're playing on the iPad. But we will be lucky if you will sit still for more than 2 minutes if that. We always joke with you asking you if you have worms in your bum because you just don't stop. You always laugh when we say it and your laugh is probably one of the most high pitched and loudest one I've heard. Especially out of your big sister and little brother.

When it was just you and Mia, I could always imagine you being a big sister. This may be because I always wanted another baby. Freddie is so lucky to have you and Mia as his big sisters. You used to call him your Freddie Flower. You are super close to him, and although you do annoy him a lot, he absolutely adores you too. It's so lovely watching you both play together, running around the rooms causing a riot. Actually, all three of you cause a riot in this house. But I wouldn't change either of you for the world.

You're so amazing Elliw, and I hope you have such a wonderful 6th birthday today.

We love you so much.
Our beautiful little girl.

Lots of love, Mam, Dad, Mia and Freddie.

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