Spending quality time with my girls

Ever since the last school holidays, I have been counting down the days for these Easter holidays. Ask me last year, and I'd have said I'd want them back at school within the first couple of days. Recently, the past few months, something has changed, and I'm not quite sure what it is. Only that I have been looking more positively at life. I've changed little things about myself and about my life. I'm not as stressed as I used to be this time last year, although when I am stressed, then I struggle to de-stress myself but that is something I am learning.

Another difference is, Freddie is in nursery every Thursday, even during the school holidays. He's with us every single other day, but I thought it would be nice for the girls to have my full attention at least one day during the week on their holidays. Although I do try my best to give out balance attention to all three, it's pretty hard to do that with a toddler.

As the girls have been off the past two weeks and this is the last week now, the past two Thursdays I have made sure we did something fun together. I look back, and I have a huge smile on my face that I've made some special memories just them and myself. They were such relaxing days, with a few hiccups in between, but I really enjoyed myself, and so did the girls.

29th March, Thursday
On this Thursday the girls and I woke up early to head into town for around 9am. We went to Costa for a cuppa, they had their babycino's which they absolutely love, and we had our breakfast there too. Ok, the girls had a treat - cake and cookie! But I stuck to some toast, which was delicious. Afterwards, we went for a walk through the town and went to the park. They played for a while and afterwards, we headed off to the shop so they could get themselves something with their pocket money. 

When we arrived home just before lunch, they had some chippy chips and just chilled for the afternoon. As Thursdays are my work days, I tried to balance the day out with the girls and work. I worked for a few hours on that Thursday afternoon, but I later treated the girls to a small afternoon tea which they absolutely loved. They were over the moon and so excited. 

We baked some cakes, prepared some crustless sandwiches, added some fruit and to top it all off, some tasty chocolate easter eggs for afterwards. All of it was on a breakfast tray from The White Company. The chocolate eggs were neatly in a heart shape wicker basket. The White Company have some great kitchen accessories at the moment. 

5th April, Thursday
This Thursday we did the same thing in the morning, went to Costa, but this time my partners Mam came along with us. It was nice to have a catch up with her and for the girls to spend some time with her too, as she's been away for nearly a month on holiday. After we had finished in Costa, I took the girls to the fun centre, while my partners Mam went to do some food shopping. The girls absolutely loved it, and they really were in their glory. 

Those two days out of the two weeks feel like a little break, although I can't catch up on my work properly when they are around, I do enjoy the quality time we get, and I feel so lucky that I do have that special time with them when it's the school holidays.

* Thank you to the White Company for sending us some products.
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