Zoomer Zupps Ponies Review

Both my girls absolutely love animals. Mia is the one who loves horses and ponies, and Elliw loves anything pink and cute. They were sent a Zoomer Zupps Pony a couple of weeks back, and they instantly fell in love with it. They loved the colour and loved the long silky hair. They couldn't wait to get it out of the box and find out what the pony does.

These super adorable Zommer Zupps Pretty Ponies are great quality and the perfect size for little hands. They have secret tricks, and they're so magical. Each Pony comes with a collector card, this way you can learn more about your new little friend. Their size makes it perfect for letting your child put it in their pocket to take out and about.

The Zoomer Zupps Ponies respond to touch, make sweet sounds and even perform tricks - which my girls absolutely adored. To hear their sounds, all you have to do is stroke your pony on the head or nose. The more you interact with your Pony, they happier they will be. Their eyes also light up, which make the pony even more extra magical and special.

To find out their secret trick, you stroke down their nose and press their nose twice. Although, this was quite difficult to do! All about the secret, I guess? However, saying that, my girls weren't really that bothered as everything else it did, they were super happy with. The Zoomer Zupps Ponies retail at around £13-£15 each, which is quite reasonable with everything that it does.

* We were sent this product, in return for an honest.
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