Our Month - May 2018

Wow, just wow. How fast did May go? I think it may be because we had two Bank Holidays. One reason why May is probably one of my favourite months (after December, of course!) I feel so happy and super excited when a bank holiday comes, as I know my partner will be off work which means an extra day, long weekend as a family. May has been quite busy for us, full of decorating/painting and going out for adventures.

We've been lucky to have some amazing weather throughout May, with a few rainy days in between, we are in Wales! But otherwise, the weather has been stunning and so hot too. We've been out in the back garden a lot during last month, and we've been going out for walks around our village and to other places too, which has been lovely.

At the beginning of May, we did a lot of housework. A lot of painting and just trying to get the house sorted. I did most of it, while my partner was in the back garden with the kids. The kids have loved being in the back playing with all their toys. We’ve been so lucky the weather has been perfect for it.

One Sunday, I took one of my best friends out for an Afternoon Tea to a local cafĂ©, Pant Du. She’s moving this month and I’m so gutted. I really wanted to treat her and thought this was the perfect way (along with a little surprise for her and the kids before they go). The afternoon was so lovely, a perfect way to catch up and again, the weather was so warm and stunning.

Halfway through the month, my partner and I went to Liverpool for the day. We had our little anniversary (not wedding!) on the 19th of May and we’d been together for 7 years – crazy! We had a lovely kid-free day and night. It’s lovely to have a break now and then and just being able to chill out and the weather was great – yet again.

At the end of the month, the last bank holiday of May, we went to explore one side of Anglesey. We stopped at a small rocky beach, it was quiet but so beautiful. The sea looked stunning, with blue skies and the bright sun glaring on it. The kids had fun throwing seaweed at eachother which was pretty hilarious. They were also throwing rocks into the sea and they loved it. We then went to a copper mine in Amlwch just to have a look around and it was so lovely there.

Our month has been busy, but it’s been a great one! To end it: here’s a very failed family photo. Hope you all had a good May! 


  1. Aww lovely family photos, I know I can't believe it's June!
    That scone made my mouthwater!!

    Kay xx

  2. Nice family pictures, thanks for introducing new place. Last one is great.


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