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When our little ones start teething, we ‘re all always on the lookout for some good teething toys. When I’ve looked for teething toys, I always look for toys that will help soothe their gums/teeth, as well as toys they will love to play with too. GumiGem have a great range of teething products, from teething toy bags to jewellery. They even have a weaning product range and some adorable clothing too.

We were sent the Bubba Bag Tool Bag to review and from the moment we received it Freddie has fallen in love with it. He loves that the soft bag has a handle and he carries it around with him, with his little teething tools inside. The tool bag has 4 washable silicone toys; chunky hammer, chunky saw, a spanner and a pretend tape measure. Their silicone toys are soft, flexible and non-toxic.
Each toy in the bag (except the tape measure) has a little hole on top which is handy for adding a dummy clip or tie onto it if you are wanting to take it out and about in the pram. It’s even great for when you’re out shopping when your little ones in the trolley too. Each toy has its own slot in the neoprene bag, which Freddie has loved putting in and out.

The products are strong quality and will most definitely last. At a reasonable price for the quality of the product, it’s great if your little one is teething and loves toys like these. All GumiGem toys are suitable from 10 months and over.

* We were sent this item free of charge in return for an honest review.
However, all words, images and opinions are our own. 

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