National Sports Week With PJ Masks

Anyone who knows my girls, know that they are huge fans of PJ Masks. So when we were asked to take part in the PJ Masks Youth Sport Trust Campaign – I instantly said yes. I love encouraging the kids to go out to play, and we’ve been lucky to have some amazing weather these past few weeks too. We’re lucky to have a decent size back garden for the kids to play too, the place they’ve been most days after school.

I was shocked to find out that currently only 10% of children, aged 2-5 years, in the UK do the recommended allowance of activity per day, which is 3 hours of physical activity a day. I do believe that my kids have at least 3 hours of physical activity on most days, that including walking to and from school, school lunch breaks and a play outside after school. However, during the winter I am sure we could encourage the kids to go out more and to move around more.

I was ready for this challenge, especially that I’ve been trying to think of activities to do with the kids in the back garden, seeing as we’re out in the back most days. The Youth Sport Trust has joined up with {J Masks to help children grow up healthy, happy and strong by taking part in daily activities. The activities will help develop balance, coordination and agility. The Youth Sport Trust has developed a Super Moon Adventure themed Power of 3 activity guide for schools, early years providers and families to encourage kids to be their favourite superhero characters; Catboy, Owlette and Gekko and also to take part in daily activities.

We did some activites in the back garden one afternoon with some of the products they sent us. I have to say the most played with toys were the Bubble Bucket and Bowling Set, they loved competing with each other and it was great us all laughing and just having fun. A great tip to encourage kids to be more active, is to make activities fun. We had a lot of fun and the kids were shattered afterwards, which meant they went to sleep straight away (yay!)

* This is a collaborative post. 

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