How to Make Sure Your Car’s Kid-Friendly

Family vehicles can range from people carriers with extra seats in the back to 4x4s that have plenty of space for all the kids’ toys, school bags and so on.
However, there are some specific features that will help make things both safer and easier. So below, I’ve picked out a few handy features that’ll help make your new car as kid-friendly as possible.
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Consider the Colour
Of course, you’ll want a car that you like the look of but your choice of colour shouldn’t just be something that appeals visually. Rather, it’s also worth considering how hot the cars get inside.
Yes – the colour of your car really does affect the interior temperature.
According to various studies, white cars are far cooler than black cars when they’re in the sun. And while you’ve got air conditioning to cool the car down, it’s important to note that a white car’s going to cool down quicker. This is especially important for kids and babies who are more sensitive to heat than us.

Window Watching
Check to see whether your child’s going to be able to see out of the window as you’re travelling along. If they can’t, it’s highly likely they’re going to get bored sooner than if they can see the world whizzing by.
Take the car seats with you while you’re looking for a car to see how it works with the window height. But also consider that you want to be able to block the sun out. Some car models come with retractable sunshades, for example.

Plenty of Storage
From ample space in the boot to lots of pockets and storage boxes around the car, being able to stow toys, drinks and various other bits and bobs safely away is always a welcome relief. While you’ll never prevent toys (and probably drinks) from sliding around the floor of the car, at least you’ll know you’ve got all your essentials along with you for the ride.
Even cars that come with built-in coolers can be the difference between a good or stressful journey.

Finishing Touches
Now, if you really want to go all out with your next car, why not look for those standout features you know your child will love.
You know what I’m talking about – the TVs at the back of the seat. You can even use existing tablets in some cars as they now come with built-in Wi-Fi!
Overall, then, choosing a kid-friendly car is all about finding those features that will make yours and your children’s lives easier, safer and more enjoyable when you’re on the open road.

 *Collaborative post.

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