Returning to Work? The Benefits of Going Part Time

If the time has come to return to work from maternity leave, then going part time might be an option to consider. There are plenty of benefits to choosing part time work, it can offer a lot of flexibility and can help you ease back into the workplace if you’re worried about taking on too much too quickly. It also allows you to continue with your career, so you can enjoy making the most of a life at home and take on the challenges within the workplace. If you’re looking for some advice around returning to work, then Randstad have put together a guide which you can find here.

Positive work life balance

There is plenty of research indicating that people who are part time workers might be the happiest of all, which means they might have found the best of both worlds. Achieving the right balance between work and home life can be tricky, with many of us trying but failing to get it right as the pressure surrounding our demanding work culture continuously grows. Part time allows workers to remain in the working world without always being pushed to the limit. This can help in aiding to achieve that elusive balance, which can help with your mental health.

Progressing in your career

Gone are the days where part time roles would limit your career progression, now having a reduced number of working hours doesn’t harm your chances of getting promoted like it once did. There’s a lot of opportunity within the workplace to continue learning and developing vital skills that can help you climb the career ladder. With more people taking part time roles, workloads are often shared within teams. Your rights also remain within the workplace and there are plenty of resources to find out your work rights. Also, never be afraid to speak to your HR manager or manger at work to find out any information around your role as it’s always best to have all the information you need beforehand.

The benefits of the workplace

One of the benefits of being part time is continuing to work in an environment that can give you the extra perks as an employee. This could be things from paid holiday, discounts, health cover and more. You’ll also have the added benefit of working in a social environment which can give you a nice break from your homelife. As lovely as it is to spend quality time with your family at home, it’s nice to have your own time in the workplace where you can establish yourself and your career.


Having a place in the workplace gives you a sense of independence, your own income and a sense of identity in a field you’re passionate about. Using the time at work to forge your independence not only allows you to pursue something you love but it can also set a great example to your children, with working mothers being powerful role models for kids.

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