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One of my dreams, that I will be making a reality soon, is travelling. My partner and I have said once the kids are over 18, we are to start thinking about planning travelling around the world. We want to see different cultures, different ways of life and different sceneries. We want to explore. But having three kids doesn't really stop us doing that. However, it does mean we won't be able to afford travelling abroad all the time, that's why we try our best to travel across the UK. We have a few places that we would love to visit in the UK, such as Cornwall, Scotland, London and Yorkshire. We've travelled to a few places in Wales, such as Cardiff, Llanelli and a few times we've been to Aberystwyth to stay.

I personally think that kids learn a lot more while they're travelling than they do in school. Which is one big reason as to why I love to go out on adventures and why next year we will be planning a lot of travels within the UK and one or two abroad. We're so excited. But the same with travelling abroad, a lot of planning is needed - especially when you have kids. I've done a lot of thinking, a lot of writing and planning for us all to visit a few of our favourite places next year. 

Here are a few of my tips for travelling in the UK

Maps and Places
When you're planning to travel around a country, it's a good idea to write a list of the places you would like to visit. Then get a map out and see if you're able to link them all together and go around the country. If you do this, you are more than likely to find some hidden gems, beautiful places on your travels between two places. The UK has some stunning hidden places.

Book accommodations
You need to look for some accommodation if you are travelling from city to city. There are many hotels in the UK to choose from. You are better off booking in advance, especially during peak times such as the school holidays as they are more than likely to be booked pretty quickly.  

Travelling is fun, but it can cost. Nothing is free nowadays, however, you can budget and still have fun. There are so many things you can do to save money such as: buying a few snacks as a picnic instead of going out for a meal, taking a bus instead of a taxi and have a budget for each city that you visit. 

Plan It and look for reviews
If you already know a few places you would like to visit in the UK, you could search online for things to do in each place. This will help you plan your day too and not go into a city and not have a clue about what is there to do. 

Plan Your Travel
You need to think about how are you going to travel from one city to the next? If you live in the UK, you are more than likely going to go by car, but if you are coming from abroad, there are different options you can choose from: public service bus, train, taxi or even hire a car for the time you're in the UK for. 

Have you ever travelled around the UK?

* Collaborative Post. 

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