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The summer holidays are nearly over, and next week we will be preparing ourselves for a brand new routine to get back into our school morning routine. Something I've not been looking forward too but something we all need, I think. Both girls are moving up a new year in school, but Freddie is starting pre-school this September which is super scary. I'm all mixed emotions about the whole thing, even though he will only be there for two and a half hour a day, it's still making me feel super nervous and sad. I think it's because he's my last baby and I'm going to miss our mornings together.

I have been thinking of pulling him out of pre-school for one of the days and putting him in lunch club on Mondays instead. This will give me a few extra hours for work on Monday and still give us our mornings together on Tuesdays. This is where Tum Tum back to school products have come in handy for us. Freddie has been sent a great range of products from Tum Tum to get him started for school.

Bugs Lunch Box
This lunch box is much bigger than I had thought it would be - which is perfect. It's the ideal size for all kinds of foods, sandwiches, fruit, veg and anything else he fancies. There's also a little container in the middle of the box that you can pull away, which would be great for dressings, sauces etc. It's definitely the right size to give a reasonable portion for lunchtime.

Ladybird Insulated Lunch Bag
Again, this lunch bag is a great size. It's wipeable inside and has an ideal space for their food and even a drink. In a fun ladybird print and shape, and an easy handle to hold your little ones are going to love it. Freddie adores his lunch bag, and I'm sure he can't wait to start using it for pre-school.

Travel Cuterlry Set and Water Bottle
To add into his lunch bag, Tum Tum Travel Cutlery set and water bottle will fit in great. The water bottle has a straw which makes it easier to drink and easy to clean too. Huge bonus too, it's leakproof! The travel cutlery set is not only handy, but they're fun too. Putting them together your little one can make a picture. The fork is also shaped like a spoon to make it easier to eat.

* We were gifted these products for an honest review.
All words, images and opinions are entierly our own.

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