Shopping with the Kids – Keeping Stress to a Minimum

Let’s face it, shopping with the kids can often feel like a military operation! Before you even get out of the door you’ve spent what feels like hours trying to get them ready. Then, there’s the ridiculous amount of supplies you need to take with you “just in case” and the inevitable battles you’ll face while you’re trying to get around the store in record time just to get the ordeal over with!
It’s something all parents can relate to, but did you know there are ways to make shopping with the kids a lot less stressful? Here, you’ll discover some great tips to help you the next time you need to go shopping with the kids.

Aim for short, organised trips
The key to stress-free shopping with your kids is to keep the trips short. Remember, children have a very short attention span so it’s not going to take long before they start moaning that they want to go home.
It’s also a good idea to talk about the impending shopping trip throughout the day so your kids know where they’re going and what they’re going for. You’ll find it much easier to come up with a plan of action too such as creating a list, so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Give them a task
Distraction can be a parent’s best friend, and you can use it to your advantage when out shopping. Give your kids a task to keep them busy. It could be they need to find everything on your list. Or, you could turn it into a little game of I-spy where they are busy looking for different objects and products.

Know when NOT to take them shopping!
There are some situations where taking your kids shopping with you is a bad idea. A trip to the grocery store is fine for example, but if you’re going to be making an important purchase, you may want to leave them at home (under the watchful supervision of an adult of course!).
A good example is if you’re off to look at a car. The last thing you need is to be distracted by your bored kids as you’re trying to listen to the salesperson! If you can’t get cover for your kids, you can always take your search online through sites such as Imperial Car Supermarkets.  
These are just some of the great tips you can use to ensure your shopping trip with the kids isn’t overly stressful. Of course, they’re no guarantee and as you probably already know, some days nothing will work. It’ all part of the joy of parenting!

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