Making Your Home More Sustainable

When you have little ones running around, your interior design tends to focus around factors such as
how durable something is, how easily it can be cleaned if someone happens to spill a drink or draw on
it, and how safe it is in regards to sharp corners. However, there are also other factors that we should
bear in mind when it comes to the long run. Sustainability is one of them. Thanks to various studies
and increasing media coverage, we are becoming increasingly aware of how our actions are affecting
the world that we live on, and in turn, how changes to the world that we live on due to our actions are
affecting us as the human population. If you want the world to be as happy, healthy, and safe a place
as possible for our children and perhaps their future children, it’s important that we start living a more
sustainable lifestyle. So, how can your incorporate this concept into your own home? Here are just a
couple of ideas to get you started in the right direction!

Opt for Sustainable Materials in Furniture

Minimalism is in and this means that more people are opting for plain, plastic designs when it comes
to furniture. But you should avoid this trend. Most plastic does not completely biodegrade and once
people are done with their plastic furniture, it’s highly likely to end up sitting in landfill for the foreseeable
future. Instead, favour more natural options, such as cane furniture at James Oliver. Not only does this
look great, but it can be recycled or degrade naturally in the future when you are done with it.

Switch to an Eco-Friendly Energy Supplier

Most of us stick with the same energy provider that we signed up with when we first moved into our
property. But you should bear in mind that you can always switch to a more eco-friendly energy supplier.
These companies may cost a little more, but it’s more than worth the investment knowing that the energy
you are using on a daily basis comes from a renewable source and isn’t polluting the planet. Once you’ve
switched, you won’t have to think about it again, so this step requires minimal effort. If you are really
into the sustainable energy vibe, you could even have solar panels fitted to your property. This way,
you can generate your own energy. Any surplus that doesn’t get used can even get sold back to the
national power grid, meaning that you can make a profit on the side too!

These are just a couple of steps that you can take to make your home an eco-friendly haven.
Not only is it better for you, but it’s better for the planet too! So, start implementing changes as
soon as possible!

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