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Saturday, 8 September 2018

Plus Size Clothing With Pink Clove

I've not always been a plus size. I was once a size 10 and for me to be the size I am today is hard to accept at times. I'm not happy with my body, I don't think I ever will be, but I am trying to be more positive about my body and about myself. I want my girls to grow up with body positivity, and they are only going to learn that from me. I am currently trying to lose weight, and my goal would be to hit a size 14 again. I would absolutely love to be that size again as that's when I was at my happiest. But for now, I am learning myself to style my body and style my shape. Wear the clothes that I like and feel comfortable in, but sometimes stepping out of my comfort zone and going for something different too.

I was recently sent an outfit from Pink Clove that I chose. They have a great range of plus size tops, and although it was hard to decide which one to choose, I eventually went for a plain white-tee with a slogan. I've always loved this kind of style t-shirt's but never owned or tried one. I then decided to team it up with some jeans, again, they have a good variety of plus size jeans to choose from with a good range of different sizes too. I went for the Plus Emma Skinny Jeans in clean back.

I personally thought the black jeans would go perfectly with the white t-shirt. Teaming them up with some trainers would make the perfect look. The jeans were soft, with stretch and are super comfortable. They have your normal 4 pockets which are always handy, and they were at a reasonable price of £21. I think black jeans are a must-have in your drawers. Black goes with pretty much anything, and it's the perfect colour to mix match with your colours, brights, pastels and so on. You can style black with a lot.

The t-shirt is great quality and again, really comfortable. It's a t-shirt I can throw on for the school run or one I could dress up in if I'm planning on going out with a couple of friends. You can team it up with a pair of jeans like I have, or wearing a skirt or maybe under a pinafore dress too.

* We were given these products in return for an honest review.
All words, images and opinions are entirely our own.


  1. You're beautiful! Harriet over on our Mummykind blog reviewed plus size clothing too a while back and I know it can feel super rubbish to have less choice as a plus size woman, but there are some great brands that are challenging that stereotype and are simply making the usual fashions in bigger sizes. Sending you lots of love. Here's the post if you wanted to read it:


    Sarah | Mummykind

  2. You look fabulous! Love that t-shirt.


  3. Fabulous!! Love this! #kcacols

  4. I was always the skinny kid that everyone made fun of because I was so skinny. That changed in my 30's after I had my 2 kids and Now I am a plus size due to the medications that I take for my Chronic Illness. I hate it! I was so used to being able to wear the cute clothes to having no clue how to dress a body that doesn't feel like it belongs to me! I totally get what you are saying but the way you said it described my feelings perfectly!

    You look amazing and I love the outfit. I will have to see if that company operates in the USA.

    I really enjoyed your post


  5. I love the black jeans. All my jeans are blue, maybe it's time to change that.

  6. I think you look great. And I love a nice white t but like it broken up with a splash of colour too. Comfy, stretchy jeans are just the best! #kcacols

  7. It's a lovely casual look and you look fab! #KCACOLS

  8. Black jeans is a definite must! There is nothing wrong in how you look although i do understand the internal feeling of not being comfortable in yourself. I avoid all clingy clothes as I hate the way i look in them. #KCACOLS

  9. You look stunning Beth, you always do! Great choice, I love both items and will check out the brand for some treats! #KCACOLS

  10. You look fab, loving the t-shirt :) #KCACOLS

  11. You look great - it suits you #KCACOLS

  12. Fab choices, they look great on you! Love the black jeans especially, I don't actually have a pair at the moment which is funny seeing as they really are a great wardrobe staple! x #KCACOLS

  13. I think that looks like a great combination. The black jeans make a great contrast to the white top. #KCACOLS


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