Our October Half Term

I haven't written about our family adventures for a long time. I feel like my blog is stuck at the moment. I am struggling to find the balance, but I hope you'll all bare with me while I try my best to get balance with blogging and life. It's one of my goals throughout next year, but I am trying to start it now, so it's not so much of a struggle next year.

As I'm writing this, it's our very last day of the half-term school holidays. The kids broke up from school a week later than England's schools. I was really looking forward for these holidays, we had a lot planned, but if you're a parent, you'll probably know that nothing really goes to plan when there are kids involved. Unfortunately, Freddie was poorly all week. He got better as the week got on, but then my partner and I have caught the horrible cold too. The girls aren't too bad, up to now.

I had a few things planned such as visiting Llanberis, Llandudno and a couple of other places, I decided to stay local instead. Freddie was refusing his naps because his throat was hurting him too much, so by the end of the day, roughly 4pm onwards, he was exhausted. So tired, he was falling asleep on the sofa most evenings. Of course, we took him to bed earlier than normal, and we were lucky that he slept throughout the night, every night.

Although we only stayed local, we still did something every single day.

The first official day of half term and the day Freddie started his cold. I was unsure what to do this day as I had planned to go on a bus somewhere. Luckily, I stayed home because Freddie got worse throughout the day. For lunchtime, all three kids made their own pizzas, they loved making them. They chose their favourite toppings out of onions, cheese, tomatoes and mushrooms. Later on that day, we went for a walk on the cycle track which was nice. The girls were on their scooter/bike, and Freddie was in his pram, but walking at times too.

Tuesday was a day Freddie wasn't himself at all. He was super clingy but wasn't too bad after he took some doses of Calpol. My Dad and brother visited in the morning/mid-afternoon. Mia went to her Dad's later on in the afternoon, for the night. An hour or so after Mia went, I decided to go out for a small walk locally in the village, the long way to the shop for Elliw and Freddie to get some treats, but also for some fresh air and to pass the time.

I had my driving lesson in the morning, which went really well. My partners Mam stayed with the kids as I went. We stayed home this day because there were heavy downpours, but luckily, the bad weather stopped by the evening. Elliw went trick or treating out with her Dad (my partner), and I stayed home with Freddie as he was exhausted. When they arrived back home, I went to my usual Slimming World group. Mia came home this evening.

Freddie seemed to have perked up a bit overnight after going to bed extra early the night before. Freddie went to nursery, while the girls and I had a girly morning. I had planned this day for a long time. Giving both girls my full attention. We went to their favourite place for breakfast, Costa. They had those babyccinos which they love, and afterwards, I took them to the fun centre and then to Home Bargains to get some craft bits. As I had planned a few work hours when we arrived home, the girls were lucky enough to go to their Nains, so I could get on with my work.

We stayed home all day Friday because one of my close friends and my nephew came over to see us. It was so lovely to see them, and the kids love seeing them too. It was a lovely day of catching up and just having a relaxing day at home.

We've had a lovely half term, and I'm glad I still managed to take the kids out and have memories, even though they were all local outings or doing things at home such as making pizzas. I didn't manage to capture many photos with my main camera, but I did manage to capture a few on my phone.

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