Things That Make Me Feel More Like My Pre-Baby Self

Let's face it, being a Mother is tough at times. It's rewarding and so worth it, but it's so bloody tough. We go through huge body changes with pregnancy, labour/births, our bodies trying to recover after birth, postnatal depression and just motherhood its self. It changes us massively. I personally find pregnancy and Motherhood changes the way you think, changes the way you feel about certain things and certainly changes the way you think about things - you will probably feel more or less strongly about something you did pre-baby.

Somewhere along Motherhood, you can lose yourself a little bit. Everyone loses their way at one point during Motherhood. Whether it's breaking down, going through anxiety/depression, feeling lonely, struggling to be a parent or whatever else, we all lose something of who we used to be. It's quite sad to think about it, but unfortunately, it's common, and it's true.

I've had three children, and I'm definitely not the same person as I was before I had my children. Don't get me wrong, I have grown up massively, I am a lot more mature than my old friends without any kids, but that's because I have three little people looking up at me as a role model. I'm their Mam, and they need me.

As much as I do love my children to pieces, I do miss being 'me'. Every few months I get to a stage where I feel I need a break and in my opinion, every parent needs a break from parenting. Whether it's a night, weekend or an afternoon away. For us to feel somewhat sane and more ourselves, we all need that little break to feel like us again.

Here are just a few things I do that make me feel like 'me', pre-baby!

Going out for a catch up with friends
Just going out with a friend or a group of friends definitely makes me feel more like myself. You get called by your real name, you can be yourself, you can talk to adults, and you can have a good relaxing time with friends. 

Buying a new outfit
Going out to buy a new outfit certainly can help you feel like 'you'. As a Mum we tend to wear similar outfits most days, having a slight change can definitely make you feel better and more like yourself. 

Adult conversations
Although spending quality time with the kids is amazing, having no adult conversation can drive you quite insane at times. Even a little 5-minute conversation with an adult over the phone or on the street does the world of good. 

Date night
If you have a partner, date night can be the perfect night for you to feel like yourself. Getting yourself glammed up and ready to spend a night with your loved one is something most of us coupled-up parents need. Letting our hair down and catching up, leaving parenthood behind for a little bit during the night! 

What do you do to help you feel more like your pre-baby self?

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