We Have A Puppy!

For years and years, my partner has wanted us to get a dog and for years I've said a plain no. Main reason being is because I am the one who would be with the dog as my partner works 40+ hours a week. Not only that, but I also have three kids to look after too! But a good few months ago I started to feel like it was the 'right time' to get a dog. Saying that I don't think there is a right time for anything, but I felt ok about welcoming a dog into our family.

Luckily, a friend was selling her dogs pups, we went to visit and we instantly fell in love. Within a couple of days, we said yes and put down our deposit. Then it was just counting down the days to bring him home. The kids were excited, especially Mia and Freddie. Elliw, on the other hand, was excited but extremely nervous. Anyone who knows Elliw will know that she's never been 100% keen on dogs and she always needs reassurance, this was another reason I felt like it was right to get a dog, to help her too.

2 weeks went by, very slowly, but finally, it was the day to pick our Ollie up. As it was a Tuesday, the girls were in school as normal and Freddie was home. My partner took a couple of hours off work and went back to work within half an hour of bringing Ollie home. The first day was a challenge with Freddie being there too as well as trying to settle Ollie, but we got through it.

Ollie is now 12 weeks old and has been with us for 4 weeks but it feels like much longer. Time has flown by and although it is hard, we couldn't imagine life without him. There are so many things I've had to learn over the past few weeks and I'm still learning as I'm going along. It's definitely much harder than I thought, but I don't regret having him. Not at all.

We're getting a bit cabin fever at the moment, but there are only 2 weeks to go until he can start going out for his daily walks. He's so hyper at times, but cuddly most of the time. He loves it when the kids are around and he's constantly on the go when they are home too. When it's just me and him, he's more sleepy during the day, until the kids come back home from school.

I am looking forward to so many adventures with him and the kids these next few weeks.

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