How Your Bedtime Routine Can Help Your Self-Care

As a mum it’s so important that you make the time to look after yourself. To use the classic example: it’s like when you’re in an airplane - you focus on your airmask so you can help them. It’s easier said than done, when are you going to find the time to focus on yourself? Once the kids are in bed, this is a perfect time for you to look after you. Your own bedtime routine can easily become a part of your self-care routine. 


You may hear the word mindfulness and be tempted to roll your eyes. Does it really work? What exactly does it entail? Mindfulness and meditation are not just the latest trends; they’re a vital step with self-care. Meditation may seem like an intimidating word, and you might not know where to start. Don’t worry, there are plenty of apps you can download which offer step-by-step guides for your mindfulness journey. Unsure which one to pick? The Independent offer a list of their favourites.  You’ll be amazed at the difference they make, even after a short amount of time.

Reed Diffuser

An important part of any bedtime routine is making the right setting. Your room needs to make you feel relaxed as soon as you enter it. There’s lots of things you can add to your environment to make it feel cosy and welcoming. From lighting and bedding, to artwork and music. Don’t be afraid to treat all of your senses. By buying a reed diffuser, you can instill some calming scents into the air. As soon as you open your bedroom door, you’ll be greeted by familiar odours, which have been specially chosen to make you feel at ease.

Skin Care

Looking after your skin should be an important part of your bedtime routine. Taking those few minutes to take off your makeup, cleanse and moisturise can make a world of difference. Not only does it help your skin, but it also means you’re taking the time to feel a bit human. Focus on you for a few moments, and validate yourself.


It can be very tempting as soon as you’re in bed to unlock your phone and scroll through your social media apps, or maybe watch a video or two. However, your phone should not be part of your nightly routine. It has to be proven to keep you awake much longer. It is much better to leave it charging on the other side of the room. Understandably, you’ll probably still want something to help you wind down before falling asleep. Reading can be a great way to unwind after a long day. Choose a story that helps relaxes you, maybe avoid thrillers for your nightly reading.

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  1. I do a couple of these already. For me, reading makes a big difference and I never take my phone up to bed as I struggle to switch off properly then.


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