Sharing A Story For World Book Day

World Book Day is coming to its 22nd year on the 7th of March this year. The day where we celebrate books and where most children dress up as their favourite storybook characters for school. We've collaborated with Welsh Council Books to help spread the word for the #ShareAStory campaign that World Book Day is doing this year.

Whether reading is just part of the bedtime routine or just something you or your child love to do, there are so many benefits that come with reading most days. It's such an important part of learning as your child grows up.65% of 5-7 year olds can read themselves if they are read a book to most days, whereas 73% 8-13 year olds can read to themselves if they are read a book to most days too.

Sharing stories is a great way to calm your child down too, which is why it's great for your bedtime routine. My kids have had a bedtime story most evenings before they go to bed because it helps them calm down before bedtime. Not only does reading a book at bedtime help calm your child, but it also provides quality moments for you both too.

My middle child, Elliw struggled with her speech and language a few years back but has been fantastic with her speech and language for a good while now. She started to read herself roughly a year ago, around 6 years old. Reading helps her calm down so much and she loves her bedtime stories.

A story Elliw and I have been reading recently is Y Fachgen Mewn Ffrog by David Walliams. Both girls are big fans of David Walliams. I personally love his books because I love the stories and I love the fact that you can purchase his books in Welsh and English. Both girls are first language Welsh, which makes me happy that there are some Welsh David Walliams' books out there.

Y Fachgen Mewn Ffrog translates too 'The Boy in the Dress' in English. It's all about a boy who ended up living with his Father after his Father and his Mother divorced when he was young. The boy misses his mother deeply then finds a yellow dress just like his Mother in a photo he has of her. I won't ruin the full story but from what we have read so far, it's a heartwarming story and definitely a good read too.

Are you sharing a story this World Book Day?

 - This is a paid collaboration with Welsh Book Council


  1. Oh I love reading with the children and their favourite books seem to change every single week! x

  2. I love this in so many ways! My girls are grown and I miss those evenings curled up together with them reading to me! Cherish every moment!

    Thank you for participating in #KCACOLS!

  3. Books were really important to me as a child, and it’s lovely to see how they bring your girl so much joy too! X #KCACOLS

  4. What a superb initiative this is

  5. We enjoy reading together too. My eldest has a few David Walliams books too. She is a slow reader so she hasn't finished them yet but what she has read so far she hast enjoyed them. Your daughter looks so happy. Love all the photos! :) x #kcacols


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