Baby Born Surprise! Review

These sweet and adorable Baby Born Surprise! dolls are going to be loved by many kids out there. There are 12 different surprise dolls to collect and each one is sold separately. Each Baby Born Surprise! is wrapped in a Baby Born logo fabric and when you unwrap it will reveal which beautiful new baby you have.

Every baby's eyes are closed and this is where the fun part comes in. To find out baby's eye colours you need a damp cloth and gently rub the eyes until they reveal what colour they are. Not only that, but you can feed your baby water with the bottle that comes with the Baby Born Surprise! and your baby's nappy will change colour and pattern too.

Baby Born Surprise! will be a huge hit this year in my opinion. They are absolutely adorable and I am certain your little ones will love to take care of them every day. Imaginative play is great for children as they are growing. I also love watching my kids play and listening to their stories and games. It's always so interesting to listen to what they say during play.

Have you seen the new Baby Born Surprise! Dolls out yet?

-  We were kindly gifted these items in return for an honest review.

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