What Do Buyers Look For When Choosing a House

When you’re putting your house up for sale, there’s always going to be a lot to think about. As well as packing
up your own possessions, getting it buyer ready and looking its best should be your top priority to get that
sale you want. It doesn't have to cost a lot, but by getting your house in a ready to move in the state while
making it look pleasing and inviting, your property should sell that bit quicker- plus you’re more likely to
get the sale price you’re hoping for. Which let's face it, is what all of us want when we’re waiting to move
into our new place. Show potential buyers how much you love and care about the house, and intrigue them
into imagining their own lives there. This is the best way to reel them in and consider making an offer! Here
are a few ways to go about preparing the home.

Consider the Curb Appeal

The first thing a buyer sees when they come to view your property is how it looks from the outside, and more
often than not, the first impression is usually a big one in making up a buyers mind. So give a potential buyer
a great first impression by giving your property curb appeal, making it look as attractive and cared for on the
outside as it does on the inside. Nobody wants to see a run-down exterior with overgrown lawns or rickety
fences. Simple things like washing windows and making sure there is no litter around, keeping the lawn
neat and tidy is a great start to improving the look at the front of the house. If you have a fence around your
garden make sure it's in good repair, and give it a fresh coat of paint for an instant transformation.
Hanging baskets full of flowers or flower pots near the door create not only eye-catching beauty but an inviting
aroma too. If your front door looks a little worse for wear, give it a coat of paint in a pretty shade, and polish any
hardware or accessories that are on it. When a buyer sees someone loves and takes care of the property they
are about to view, it’s more likely to get them excited to see the rest. 

Good Energy Efficiency

We all know that we should be reducing our carbon footprint and doing our bit for the environment, and so
something that’s high on the list for many homebuyers is a property that’s eco-friendly. A home that’s as
energy-efficient as possible will reduce bills while helping the environment and makes us all feel as though
we’re doing our bit. Good wall and cavity loft insulation will keep the bills down and make the house warmer
since less heat is able to escape. If you have solar panels this can be a big advantage as buyers will know
that their bills will be reduced. The feel of the house is very important too; draughty doors and windows are
a big no-no for buyers. Not only do old or poor quality windows mean reduced security, but they drive up the
price of energy bills too so it's worth replacing them before you sell your house if yours are worse for wear.
Nobody wants to spend a fortune on big things when they are planning on moving, however, it’s these
renovations that allow you to put up the price of the property meaning you can recoup your costs. You may
be eligible for double glazing funding which could reduce the cost of a bigger payment, leaving you more money
for your move.

Kitchen and Bathroom

These rooms are the most expensive ones to decorate, and not all buyers will want to replace them for brand
new models. If your kitchen has seen better days and you want to improve it without spending a fortune, it’s
worth knowing that there are ways to do it on a budget. Replace any dated tiles for an upgraded splashback
for a fresh clean look, paint the cupboard doors and replace the handles and doorknobs which will instantly
transform it into an appealing space. Organize the worktops, clearing away any clutter or things that are not
used on a daily basis. Creating space on your worktops you show that there is room to maneuver when cooking
or baking. Put all products away in your bathroom and deep clean it to show its true potential. If it lacks storage,
buy a small floor standing cupboard to put products in, or maybe some shelves to put fresh towels on. Even the
bathroom needs storage space, so if it’s quite small then putting storage on the walls may be your only option.
It doesn't have to be big and bulky, just enough to show toiletries can be stored. Replace the floor with some
lino to brighten it up, this is far cheaper than paying for brand new tiles and will give the room a clean and fresh look. 

Neutral colours

Finally, redecorating the home in neutral colours is a great way to prep it for a sale. Check that all the walls in
your house and fill in any gaps or chips, sand them down and prepare them well for painting. Remove any old
or fussy wallpaper and repaint where you need to with neutral colours, By giving a blank canvas the buyer has
some scope to use their imagination on how they want the space to look, Neutral colours such as white or magnolia
drastically changes the look of your rooms. It may not be your personal choice but they are great colours because it
gives a facelift to any wall leaving it clean and fresh. When you are selling you will have bright and airy rooms and
with cleverly placed mirrors and lights, you can make rooms feel slightly bigger than they are. Touch all the paintwork
where needed, on interior doors and skirting boards and any ceilings that need it too, to get the place as light and neutral
as you can. A splash of paint can do wonders on a house to update the look.

Sometimes it's hard to say goodbye to the house we have lived in, but with a new place and new adventures ahead we can leave
knowing we left a house we loved clean and well maintained and look forward to moving into the next one.

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