Five Birth Injuries to be Aware of

When you first learn that you are pregnant, there is no doubt that it is the most exciting day and scariest day of your life. Every parent hopes for a smooth and healthy pregnancy and birth, but unfortunately, there is no guarantee. Sometimes, things happen that will test your resiliency.
Birth injuries are something that not many people discuss, nor even want to think about, but unfortunately, they can happen. Even if you have a completely smooth and normal pregnancy, that doesn’t mean your baby is safe from suffering a birth injury. According to statistics, there are around 1,000 cases each and every year where a baby is left with a severe brain injury or unexpectedly dies during the birthing process.
Here’s a look at five birth injuries to be aware of, and what you can do should your child suffers from one.

Minor Injuries

Thankfully the most common birth injuries are the minor ones such as bruises and cuts. While this isn't something you want your baby to go through, these will heal relatively quickly and won't cause any sort of lasting issues for your child. Minor injuries should still be pointed out and watched though.

Brain Injury

When it comes to serious birth injuries, brain injury is near the top of the list if not the top. These types of injuries tend to be permanent and can result in both mental and physical symptoms. These injuries can affect your child's ability to learn, thrive, function, and their quality of life.

Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy is another serious condition in which the child's coordination and muscle development are affected. There is a lack of oxygen in the child's brain, which can happen during birth or while still in the womb. This is why it's important to examine the cause so that you can figure out if it's due to medical negligence.

Broken Bones

Broken bones can also happen during the birthing process, with the collar bone being among the most common to break. Other fractures can include arm, legs, spine, and even the baby's skull.

Obstetric Brachial Plexus Injury (BPI)

This particular injury happens when the nerves that are in your baby's neck are injured or damaged during the birthing process. The result is that the child will lose sensation and movement in the arm. While this injury can usually be treated, sometimes the damage is permanent.

Contact a Medical Negligence Lawyer

Should any of these serious injuries or death occur during the birthing process, it’s important you contact a medical negligence lawyer. They will be able to discuss how to file a compensation claim and what kind of compensation you can expect. The compensation is meant to cover your child's medical costs both now and in the future (related to the injury), and are typically made in a lump sum.
Lawyers such as those at will be aware of all the steps that need to be taken, and they will help you through what is bound to be an incredibly stressful and devastating time.

Being Prepared

Knowing what birth injuries are, and being prepared to deal with them should they happen will help you to react in the best possible way should the worst occur.

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